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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Leonard Leonard Lancaster 1189-94 1470 (circa)
S. Leonard, Leicester Leonard Leiceistershire 1189-99 or earlier 1478 or earlier
Wroxall Leonard Warwickshire 1135 or earlier, possibly as early as 1123 1536
S. Lorenzo in Panisperna Lawrence LZ 1308 1700 or later
S. Lorenzo in Miranda (male?) Lawrence LZ 400 or earlier (needs verification) 1200 (circa)
S. Lorenzo in Fonte Lawrence LZ 1320 or later 1389 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Lawrence Lawrence Gloucestershire
Avignon (S. Laurent) Laurent 6S 950 or earlier
Anargyroi Kosmas and Damian
S. Giovenale Juvenal LZ 537 or later 555 (may have been later restored: see "Miscellaneous Info" below)
S. John Evan and S. John the Baptist John the Evangelist, John the Baptist Leiceistershire 1200 (circa) 1547 (circa)
Castle Donnington John the Evangelist Leiceistershire 1189 or earlier 1535 or later
Moxby John the Evangelist Yorkshire 1158 1536
Ridlerkloster John the Baptist; John the Evangelist 1295 1783
Haliwell John the Baptist and Virgin Mary (<s10889>, 195). Middlesex 1127 (circa) 1539
S. John the Baptist John the Baptist and S. Mary and All Saints (cited in the foundation document). Cheshire 1190 or later 1644
Rowney John the Baptist Hertfordshire 1164 (circa) 1457
S. John the Baptist John the Baptist Oxford 1335 or earlier 1457
S. Giovanni John the Baptist 1325 or earlier 1816 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. John the Baptist John the Baptist Nottingham 1241 1545
Whitby John the Baptist Deira (Yorkshire, Durham) 750 (circa) or 657 according to <s8002>, 405. 867 or 1401 ?
Rothwell John the Baptist Northamptonshire 1200-1249 1537-8 or earlier
S. John the Baptist John the Baptist Gloucestershire
Salmannshofen John the Baptist 1282 1401
S. Giovanni Battista John the Baptist Tuscany 1286 (circa) 1808
S. Cassiano al Verano John Cassian (?) LZ 400 or earlier 806
S. Giovanni in Appentino (male?) John LZ 816 or earlier
S. Giovanni a Porta Latina John LZ 1300 (circa) (traditional date, but undocumented) 1339 (became a male community)
S. Giovanni in Isola John LZ 1200 or later 1298 or later
S. Gesu Jesus, Joseph & Saint Mary Tuscany
Hierusalem presso la Basilica Vaticana female (needs verification) Jerusalem / Holy Cross LZ 806 or earlier 1000 or earlier (needs verification)
Hinchingbrooke James and Michael. Further research is necessary to verify the dedication. Huntingdon 1066 or earlier 1536
S. James James Suffolk 1199 or earlier 1754 or earlier
S. James, Arundel James Sussex 1196 or earlier 1459 or earlier
Cell Íte Íte Limerick
S. Isidoro (male?) Isidore LZ 806 or earlier 900 or earlier (unknown)
Immacolata Concezione Immaculate Conception Tuscany 1336
S. Ippolito Hypolitus LZ 1088 1264 or earlier (converted into a male community)
Bradford-on-Avon Holy Trinity? 1001 ?
Gracedieu Holy Trinity and S. Mary Leiceistershire 1239 1538
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany
Whitehall Holy Trinity Somershire 1217-20 1463 (circa)
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1391 or earlier
Markyate Holy Trinity Hertfordshire 1135 or earlier (needs verification) 1537
S. Trinità di Cortona Holy Trinity Tuscany 1439 or earlier
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1214 or earlier
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1276 or earlier
Lismullen Holy Trinity Meath 1240 (circa) 1539 (15 July)
Hospital of Walsoken Holy Trinity Norfolk 1200 or earlier 1545
Newstead female Holy Trinity Lincolnshire 1164 or earlier; Other sources say 1173. 1538