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Title Dedicationsort ascending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Sinningthwaite S. Mary Yorkshire 1155 (circa) 1536
Lillechurch S. Mary Kent 1148 1521-2
Burlage S. Mary 1140-1150 or earlier 1672
S. Madeline Bonoloco S. Martin of Tours 1134 1789
S. Martin S. Martin 1263 1533
S. Martin S. Martin Cork
sul magdalene of Lespinasse S. Martin Midi-Pyrenees 1114, March 6 l789
Name unknown (Franciscan Tertiaries) S. Martha 1412 circa 1525
S. Maria de Nova S. Maria Novi Portus (5th century) Marche 1038
Pforzheim S. Maria Magdalena
S. Romualdo S. Maria di Valdisasso Marche Supressed in 1810, taken over by Capuchin nuns during or before 1833
S. Francesca Romana a Tor de'Specchi S. Maria Annunciata, S. Francesca Lazio 1434, July 4 (this is the date of the inaugural bull -- the original foundation date is unknown) Still extant as a Benedictine community
Neuwerk S. Maria (S. Mary), the holy cross, S. John and S. Bartholomew 1186 1570; 1969
Unterzell S. Maria (Mary); S. Caecilia 1200 (circa); 1130 according to Link 1803
Heiligenrode S. Maria (Mary) 1181-1183 1816
Sulz S. Maria (Mary) 1250 (circa) 1539
S. Maria im Kapitol S. Maria circa 689; before 965 1803
Wimborne hospital S. Margaret and S. Anthony Dorsetshire 1216 or earlier 1547
S. Margaretha S. Margaret 1241 or earlier
Kühbach S. Magnus 1011 1803
S. Lucia in via S. Gallo S. Lucia Tuscany 1292 or earlier 1435 (restored in 1441 -- see below)
Bischofsheim S. Lioba 748 (circa) 1802
S. Leonard, Domus Dei, Maison Dieu S. Leonard Derbyshire 1327 1546
Brewood White Ladies S. Leonard Salisbury 1100-1199 (12th century) 1538
Grimsby S. Leonard Lincolnshire 1180 or earlier 1539
S. Marx S. Leonard Basel 700- 1368
Berich S. Lawrence; S. Katherine (Laurentius; Katharina) 1196 1577
Bredelar S. Laurentius; later Mary 1169-1170 1196
Seeon S. Lambert Oberbayern 994 1803
S. Katharina S. Katherine (needs verification); S. Mary Magdalene; S. Margaret 1300 (circa) 1571 (circa)
S. Katharine S. Katherine (?) 1297 1677
S. Katharina (S. Katharine) S. Katharine 1230 (circa) 1802
S. Giustina S. Justine, after c. 1050 / Saint Salvatore ("Holy Redeemer"?) Tuscany 750 or later 1808
Auxerre (S. Julien) S. Julien 6D 635
Michelfeld S. John the Evangelist Oberpfalz 1261; 1119 (men); 1100- (women) 1305; 1150 (women)
Mallersdorf S. John the Evangelist Niederbayern 1109 1903
S. John of Beverly S. John the Evangelist Yorkshire 700 1450 or after
Falkenhagen S. John the Baptist; Blessed Virgin Mary 1230 (circa) 1247 (female); 1596 (final dissolution)
Edelstetten S. John the Baptist and S. John the Evangelist; S. Paul 1126 1803
Marburghausen S. John the Baptist (currently) 1236-7 1580-1582 (circa)
S. John the Baptist S. John the Baptist Somershire 1180 (circa) 1539
S. John the Baptist S. John the Baptist Somershire 1200 (circa) 1544
Buckland S. John the Baptist Somershire 1180 (circa) 1539
Johannisberg S. John the Baptist Hessen-Nassau 1090
Kirchheim S. John the Baptist 1400 or earlier
Engelthal S. John the Baptist Niedersachsen (lower Saxony), district Gandersheim 1240 (circa) 1565
Bedburg S. John the Baptist 1201 or earlier (see "foundation information," below) 1804
Unterlinden S. John the Baptist 1232 or earlier? (Kramer puts the foundation at 1252) 1789-1800 (circa)
Walsrode S. John the Baptist 980 (circa) still extant
S. Johann S. John the Baptist Lower Alsace 1127 1790