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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Premol 6U 1232
Leigneux 6U 1050 (circa)
les Couets 6P 1149
Mount of Olives The Mount of Olives is considered a holy place in both the Jewish and Christian traditions. It is unknown when monasteries were first constructed on the mountain, although this likely began in the fourth century.
S. Sebastiano 1500 or earlier
S. Maria 1367 or earlier 1466 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Andrea Apulia 1200 or earlier
Inzigkoven 1354 1802
S. Giovanni del Capuccio Piedmont 1189 unknown, but the order itself was abolished by Pius V
S. Maria
S. Lorenzo Marche 1296
Metz 6K 1133 (circa) 1200-1299 (13th century)
Threekingham 2Y 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Nonnenbosche Flanders (West) 1113 or earlier
Marcilly 6D 1239
Droitval 6K 1128 (circa)
Beaulieu 6I 1298
Corpus Domini Emilia-Romagna 1805
S. Colombano Emilia-Romagna 1347
Trebnitz 1203 1810
Bourges (S. Pierre-le-Puellier) 6F 700-799 (8th century) 800-899 (9th century)
S. Claudio e S. Crociferi 1229 1255 (See
S. Bartolomeo de Nava 1252 or earlier
S. Trinità di Casalnuovo Apulia 1370-1400 (circa)
S. Maria de Vallverd Catalonia 1172 1474 -- goods went to Poblet (male)
S. Maria di Caramagna Piedmont 1028 (May 28) 1460, under Felix V
Tutti i Santi
S. Caterina da Siena Marche founded after Bishop Constanzo da Fabriano's death [date]
S. Mercuriale Tuscany 1276 or earlier
Vaupillon 6L 1140
la Rochelle 6R 1306
Montpellier 6I 1251 or earlier
Fontaines-les-Nones 6T 1120-1130
Bonneval-les-Thouars 6R 969-975
S. Maria Maddalena di Via Galliera Emilia-Romagna 1566 1798
S. Agnese 1296 or slightly earlier
Heilig Grab 1365 (circa) 1803
S. Maria d'Almata i Sant Christ Catalonia 1250 Still Active
S. Maria della Carita Piedmont 1180 (March 25)
Cell Osnata Leitrim
S. Maria di Leveriano sull'Aso Marche
S. Luce de Sacco Tuscany
Regrippiere 6P 1115 (circa)
S. Georges-de-Grehaigne 6E 1146 or earlier
Ounans 6H 1147 (circa)
Grangia Dominarum 6K 1132-1138 at Flabemont. Refounded: circa 1180 at Grangia Dominarum. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Caladon 6P 710 (circa) 989 or earlier
Klosterreichenbach Wurttemberg 1082
S. Maria delle Vergini 1428 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Alost Brabant 1096