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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Sperandio Saint Sperandio / Saint Mary Tuscany 1266
S. Stefano Protomartire Saint Stephen protomartyr Tuscany 1200 or earlier 1375
S. Silvestro a Marciano Saint Sylvester Tuscany 1148
S. Silvestro Saint Sylvester Tuscany 1322 1786
S Silvestro Saint Sylvester Tuscany 1301 1435
S. Tommaso Saint Thomas Tuscany 1190 or earlier
S. Tomasso Saint Thomas Tuscany 1142 or earlier
S. Orsola Saint Ursula / Saint Gerard Tuscany 1390 or earlier 1435
S. Verdiana Saint Verdiana / Saint Giovanni Gualberto, (second half of 14th c.) Tuscany 1391
S. Vittore e S. Niccolo Saint Victor / Saint Nicholas Tuscany 1224
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany 1390 (circa) 1635 or later
S. Vicenzio di Firenze Saint Vincent Tuscany 1450
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany
S. Vito Saint Vitus Tuscany
Autun Saint-Andoche Saint-Andoche 6D 859 or earlier (for female community -- see "foundation info" below)
Bourges (S. Laurent and S. Jacques) Saints Laurent & Jacques 6F 800 (circa)
S. Maria Maddalena Saints Peter and Paul [1325] Marche 1265
Clúain Brónaig Samthann (after 739) Longford 400 or later (needs verification) 1163 or later
S. Chiara Santa Chiara Marche 1483 (circa) 1810 (14 July), by Napoleon. Restored after 4 years, but supressed again in 1860 when the Piedmontese occupied Umbria and Marche
Las Huelgas Santa María la Real 1187, January 2 Still extant
Rousanou Monastery Savior Jesus Christ Meteora, Thessaly 1388 or 1545
S. Caterina di Scai Scai (needs verification) , just above present site of the Suore Ben di Carita Umbria
S. Sebastiano in Catacumbas Sebastian / Fabianus LZ 440 or earlier 858 -- properties to male community
S. Sergio e S. Bacco al Laterano Sergius / Baccus LZ 806 or earlier 824 -- properties to male community
S. Sexburga Sexburga, S. Mary Kent 670-75; refounded in 1130? 1066 or before, probably as early as 890
S. Simmetrio e S. Cesario Corsarum Simmetrius / Cesarius / Virgin Mary LZ 855 or earlier 1219 or earlier (later restored)
S. Sisto Vecchio Sixtus LZ 1219 1443 or later
S. Thomas Martyr Sometime after 1173 the hospital is dedicated to Thomas Martyr. Surrey 1170 (probable date) 1540
Castor SS Cyneburga and Cyneswitha 2II 664 or earlier 870 (some sources attest to a late tenth or early 11th century termination)
Iona St Mary ARG 1208 or earlier 1547
Beaulieu (S. Antoine) St-Antoine 6L 1259 or earlier
Chateaudun St-Avit 6F 1045 -- for female community: see "foundation information"
Macon St-Clement 6D 936 (circa) 1000 or earlier
Verdun St-Louis 6K 1250 (circa) 1396
Verdun-sur-Meuse St-Maur 6K 1020 or earlier
Wicklow St. Brigid Wicklow 1448 (circa) 1470 (circa)
Molough St. Brigid Tipperary 400 or later / refounded during the 14th century 1540
Muine-rathe St. Brigid (women's monastery) / St. Patrick (men's monastery) Laois
Cell Dara St. Brigit Kildare 490 (circa) 1540-41 (male community disappeared after 1110). Kildare remains a Catholic episcopal seat today.
Ros Bendchuir St. Coccha, nurse of St. Ciaran of Seirkieran Clare
Tech-damnata St. Damhnat Monaghan 500-599 (6th century)
Pershore St. Eadburgh? 2DD 689(circa) Refounded c. 970 circa for Benedictine monks by King Edgar. 970, or possibly as early as 890
Tamworth St. Edith? Staffordshire 1000 or earlier 1066 or later
Cell Glaissi St. Eiche Longford 450-550 (circa)
Ros Airthir St. Fuinche Fermanagh 1084, although possibly an earlier foundation during the 5th century
Abingdon St. Helen and the Holy Cross 939-940 946 or later
Kilculliheen St. Kilkin Kilkenny 1151 1540 (Apr 2 or 6)
Drumalgagh St. Mary Roscommon 1195 or earlier 1543 (circa -- needs verification)
Wareham (female) St. Mary? Dorsetshire 672 (circa) Destroyed by Danes in 876, may have been a community of nuns until 982.
Alspach St. Matthew the Apostle Kaysersberg valley, Alsace 1289 for female community (ca. 1049 orig. foundation) 1789