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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Barrow Gurney S.Mary, S. Edward, and in the 15th century the Holy Trinity Somershire 1200 or earlier 1536
S. Agata Saint Agatha Tuscany 1303 or earlier 1443 or later
S. Agnese Saint Agnes Tuscany 1306 1346
S. Agnese di Borgo Saint Lorenzo di Mugello Saint Agnes Tuscany 1280 (circa) 1315 (see "incorporated by," below)
Huy Saint Aldegonde Liege 1449
S. Ambrogio di Pietrapiana Saint Ambrose Tuscany 1040 or earlier
S. Ambrogio Saint Ambrose / Holy Trinity Tuscany 1063 1262
S. Andreas Saint Andrew Tuscany 852 (traditionally)
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 1275 1786
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 1318
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 722
Youghal Saint Anne Cork 1385 or earlier 1543
S. Appolonia di Firenze Saint Appolonia Tuscany 1339
S. Agostino Saint Augustine Tuscany 1319 or earlier
S. Agostino nel Castello di S. Giovanni Saint Augustine Tuscany 1364
S. Agostino alla Ginestra Saint Augustine Tuscany
S. Agostino in via Romea Saint Augustine / Saint Felix Tuscany 1245 (circa) 1315 or later
Addrigoole Saint Bairre Laois 600 or earlier (needs verification) 1240 (circa)
S. Baldassare Saint Balthasar Tuscany 1341 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo a Musignano Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1267 or earlier 1375 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Barthelemi Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 790 1400 or later
S. Bartolomeo alla Lastra Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1352 1453
S. Bartolomeo Saint Bartholomew Tuscany 1000 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo del Beato S. Sepolcro Saint Bartholomew Tuscany
S. Bartolo di Gignoro Saint Bartolus Tuscany 1370
S. Benedetto in Gotella Saint Benedict Tuscany 823 or earlier
S. Benedetto di Arezzo Saint Benedict Tuscany 783 (needs verification)
S. Benedetto Saint Benedict Tuscany 1244 (needs verification)
S. Benedetto Saint Benedict Tuscany
S. Benedetto Saint Benedict / Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Benedetto e S. Scolastica Saint Benedict / Saint Scolastica Tuscany 823 or earlier
S. Bernardo Saint Bernard Tuscany 1251 1810
S. Bibiana Saint Bibiana Tuscany 1400 (circa)
S. Brigida di Scozia Saint Bridget di Scozia Tuscany 1343 1513 or earlier
Temple Brigid Saint Brigid Armagh 400 or later (needs verification) 1562 (needs verification)
Cell Brigde Saint Brigid Meath 1144 or later 1300 or later
S. Cassianus Saint Cassian / Saint Hippolitus Tuscany 755 or earlier 1336
S. Caterina di S. Gaggio al Galluzzo Saint Catherine Tuscany 1344
S. Caterina a Lago Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Caterina a Figline Saint Catherine Tuscany 1167 or later
S. Caterina di Cafaggio Saint Catherine Tuscany
S. Caterina delle Ruote Saint Catherine Tuscany 1339 1808
Brussells (S. Catherine) Saint Catherine Brabant 1232 (circa)
S. Caterina in Arezzo Saint Catherine Tuscany 1333 1808
S. Caterina di Siena Saint Catherine of Siena Tuscany 1487 1784
S. Cerbone Saint Cerbonius Tuscany 1149 1442 (See Below)
S. Cristoforo Saint Christopher Tuscany 1234 or earlier
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany 1310 1783