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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Agnes S. Agnes (?) 1264 1644
Agnetenberg S. Agnes(?) 1458 1812
Hartlepool S. Aidan Durham 640 (circa) 830-880
Ottobeuren S. Alexander; S. Theodore Bavaria 764 1217 (women)
S. Anastasia (Anastasio?) S. Anastasia, martyr Piedmont 991 (May 4)
Gandersheim S. Anastasius; S. Innocent; S. John the Baptist 852 (circa) 1810
S. Andrew, Denhall S. Andrew Cheshire 1230 (circa) 1496 (see "incorporated by," below)
Arden S. Andrew Yorkshire 1187 or earlier 1536
Derneburg S. Andrew 1143 1651
Petersfrauen S. Anna (<i>Chorkapelle</i>), Holy Virgin Mary (<i>Pfarrkirche/Liebfrauenkirche</i>) ca. 1110/1113 (Schellhorn (<s4599>) cites historical evidence to argue that the circumstances of St. Peter’s Abbey during the early 12th century could not have supported the founding of a dependent female community. Thus, he uses the first legitimate doc ca. 1583. The exact reason for the convent’s termination remains unclear, though seems related to secret scheming of ecclesiastical authorities. According to Schellhorn (<s4599>), the idea to raze the women’s house appeared twice prior to its occurrence
Kempen S. Anne 1421 or earlier? 1802
S. Maria Stern (S. Mary's Star) S. Anne; S. Elizabeth 1258 1802
Höhnscheid S. Anthony (needs verification) 1235 1468 (female); 1529 (final dissolution)
The Papey S. Augustine, S. Charity, and S. John Middlesex 1442 1556
Angouleme S. Ausone 6R 400-499 (5th century); refounded c. 1028 900-999 (10th century)
S. Barbara S. Barbara 1450 or earlier?
Blankenburg S. Bartholomew 1250 (circa) 1532-48
S. Maria Annunziata S. Benedict Apulia 1474 or earlier
Benediktbeuren S. Benedict, S. Jacob Schwaben 740 1803
Ramsey (needs verification) S. Benedict, S. Mary 900 or later 1066 or before
Admont S. Blasius, Virgin Mary 1074
S. Katharinenkloster S. Catharine 1295
S. Katharine by the Tower S. Catherine Middlesex 1148, refounded in 1273. 1825. It was demolished to clear the land for St. Katherine's Docks.
Apt S. Catherine 6S 1299
S. Catherine S. Catherine Somershire
Polsloe S. Catherine Devonshire 1160 (or earlier) 1539
S. Cecilia in Trastevere S. Cecilia Lazio 1344 or earlier 1873 (community was later restored, and is still extant)
El Real Monasterio de Santa Clara de Tordesillas S. Chiara 1363
Herzebrock S. Christina, S. Petronella 860 (840?) 1803, May 2
Püttrichkloster S. Christophorus 1284 1802
Perigueux S. Claire 6A 1251 or earlier
Clarenberg S. Clara 1340 1812
Bocholt (white nuns) S. Clara Bremen, district Syke 1300 (circa) 1557 (according to Krämer); 1803
Klarissenkloster S. Clara 1348 1564
S. Klara S. Clare circa 1232 1525; 1591
domus S. Clarae (Herford) S. Clare 1325 or earlier 1500-1599 (sixteenth century)
Heilbronn S. Clare 1293 1811
Kloster bei der Horbruck S. Clare (Clara) 1406 or earlier 1533
S. Clara S. Clare (needs verification) 1272 1782
Clementhorpe S. Clement Yorkshire 1130 (circa) 1536
Metelen S. Cornelius, S. Cyprian 889 1811
Buchau S. Cornelius; S. Cyprian 800-899 (9th century) 1802
Weihenberg S. Cosmas and S. Damian; later S. Veit 1145 1410-1448
Essen S. Cosmas, S. Damian, S. Mary, holy Trinity 850-860 (circa) 1803
Bergen S. Cross 976 1552
Geseke S. Cyriacus; Blessed Virgin Mary 946-952 (circa) 1823
Erfurt (Benedictine nuns) S. Cyriacus; S. Andreas 800 (circa) 1803
Llanll&#375;r S. David Deheubarth 1180 (circa) 1536
Oldbury S. Edith Warwickshire 1066 or later 1154 or later
S. Elisabeth S. Elizabeth 1256 1812