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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Nonnberg (Nunberg, Nonberg) Abbey Mary of the Assumption, S. Erentrude ca. 714
S. Annunziata Mary the annunciate Tuscany 1500 or earlier
S. Matteo Matthew LZ 1300 or later 1333 or later
S. Angelo di Orsano Michael LZ 1280 or earlier 1477 (absorbed by male monastery)
Lis Mór Mochutu Waterford 600-699 (7th century)
Convent of the Mother of God Pantanassa Mother of God ca. 1400
Bebaia Elpis Mother of God Bebaia Elpis "Sure Hope" 1327-35
Kecharitomene Mother of God Kecharitomene, "Full of Grace" 1000-1104
S. Nicholas Hospital Carlisle Nicholas Cumberland 1199 or earlier 1645
S. Niccolo di Véroli Nicholas LZ 1333 or earlier 1335 or later
S. Niccolo Nicholas LZ 1251 or earler 1304 (circa)
S. Niccolo Nicholas LZ 1000-10 (traditionally) 1300 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Tours Notre Dame 6F 1002 (circa) 1070-1100? Legend has it there was an early medieval monastery on the site
Cahors (Notre-Dame) Notre-Dame 6L 1210 (circa)
Arles Notre-Dame 6J 550 (circa) 700-799 (8th century)
Malnoue Notre-Dame 6T 1129 or earlier
Bourbourg Notre-Dame 6M 1103
Bertaud Notre-Dame 6S 1188
Bourges (N-D de Salles) Notre-Dame de Salles 6F 640 (circa). Permanently refounde for male canons in 912 (1012?). 800-899 (9th century)?
Himmelpforte (St Agnes) On August 11, 1331, the Himmelpforte church was consecrated by St. Dietrich, Bishop of the Church of Dyonisin. The church was dedicated to S. Agnes and Katharina (Zak 166). The later appended chapel contained an altar dedicated to S. Katharina, and was c. 1235 (Zak 143); it was the fifth oldest Viennese women’s house (141). September 28, 1783 (Schimmer 383)
S. Pancrazio sulla Via Aurelia, al Gianicolo Pancratius / Victor / Virgin Mary LZ 1255 1430 or earlier: properties to male community
S. Paolo Paul LZ 1261 or earlier (needs verification) 1463 -- properties to male monastery
Chichester Peter Sussex 1066 or earlier 1075
S. Peter Double Monastery Peter Gloucestershire 681 (circa). It was refounded circa 1058 for Benedictine monks. 767 or later
Exeter Peter Devonshire 968 or later 1050 (circa)
S. Pietro di Véroli Peter LZ 1333 or earlier 1335 or later
S. Pietro in Montorio Peter LZ 1400 or later 1472 or earlier: property to male monastery
S. Pietro di Alatri Peter LZ 1256 or earlier 1515 (later restored)
S. Pietro di Paliano Peter Lazio 1230-40 1300 (became a male monastery)
S. Pietro in Città Peter / Vivian LZ 600-699 (7th century -- traditional date) 1810 (later restored, still extant)
S. Silvestro in Capite de Urbe, de Capite Pope Silvester / Pope Stephen / Denis LZ 1285 1871
S. Urbano in Campo Carleo Pope Urban IV LZ 1264 1432 - transferred to male monastery
Cook Hill Power thinks the dedicaion uncertain. Worcestershire 1180 (circa) 1538
S. Reparata Reparata LZ 900 or later 1000 or later, but may have been later restored
Ensdorf S Jacob the Apostle Oberpfalz, Bavaria 1121 Women's house terminated in 1314, Men's house in 1803
Deggingen S Martin Schwaben, Bavaria 1138 1802
Sandwich S. Mary Kent
Hospital of S. Mary, Yarmouth S. Mary Norfolk 1278 or earlier 1545 or later
Wallingwells S. Mary Nottinghamshire 1144 (circa) 1539
Clerkenwell S. Mary Assumption Middlesex 1141-1144 (circa) 1539
Crabhouse S. Mary and John the Evangelist; Perhaps also dedicated to S. Thomas and S. Peter , but further research is necessary to verify this. Norfolk 1181 1536 (needs verification)
Lacock S. Mary and Bernard Wiltshire 1229 (buildings in Snaylesmead meadow completed in 1285); (1231 or 1232, first nuns) 1539
Marham S. Mary, S. Barbara ; Dedicated to Edmund at the founding by Richard Bishop of Chichester, Sussex. Norfolk 1249, January 27 1536, August 6
Foukeholme S. Stephen Yorkshire 1203/4 or earlier 1349 (circa)
Klein-Komburg S. Aegidius Wurttemberg 1108 1283
S. Afra S. Afra 1147 1803
Maidbronn S. Afra, S. Kilian (see contributor's notes) 1232-1235 1408 (circa), female; 1525/1545
S. Agnes S. Agnes 1419 1812
S. Agnes S. Agnes 1250; Link places the foundation in 1151 1560
S. Agnes S. Agnes 1270 1542; 1802/3, final dissolution