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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
S. Orsolina Marche 891 1367 (circa -- see "Incorporated By," below)
Costejean 6L 1220 or earlier
SS. Ludovico e Alessio Emilia-Romagna 1798
Bedwyn 900 - 950 or before 1066 or earlier
Braunschweig Niedersachsen, district Bersenbrueck 1230 (circa)
Antwerp (Soeurs Blanches) Antwerp 1480 (circa)
Val d'Osne 6G 1140
S. Giovanni delle Rocche
Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire
Pontrovard Flanders (West) 1235
S. Salvatore detto il Leano or S. Liano Piedmont
Meung-sur-Loire 6F 1178 or earlier
S. Maria Maddalena Marche
l'Etanche-sur-Saulx 6K 1148
les Blanches 6N 1105 (circa)
Convertite Tuscany 1441 1808
Hopels 1290
Aubenas 6U 1296 or earlier
S. Giuliana 1253, September 1810 - becomes a granary. In 1816 the properties revert to the church, but the nuns were expelled again in 1869, and the monastery became a military hospital. Became a church once again in 1937.
Klüppel 1313 or earlier
Keelty Sligo
Vignoguol 6I 1245
la Ramee Brabant 1210-1212
S. Giorgio Piedmont 1234 or earlier
Noefort 6T 1127
Santa Maria de Campis Piedmont 1057
la Gasconniere 6R 1109-1114
S. Giorgio Umbria 751 1118 or later
Bouxieres-aux-Dames 6K 930
S. Angelo in Narnate Umbria 780 or earlier
Notre-Dame-la-Royale Ile-de-France 1236
Beaupre-sur-la-Lys 6M 1204
S. Maria degli Episcopi 1295 (circa) 1804 (circa) -- by Napoleon. A cemetery takes its place.
Mare de Déu de la Serra Catalonia 1296 Still active
Montseau 6I 1129 or earlier
Ballymacadane Cork 1450 (circa) (needs verification) 1539 (needs verification)
S. Thomas-les-Nonnains 6U 1206
Leau Brabant 1484
S. Angelo Apulia 1144-1176
S. Martiniano Piedmont 904 1601 (see "Incorporated By," below).
Hemelsdale Flanders (West) 1237
S. Maria Marche 1234 or earlier 1788: Secularized by a Bull of Pope Pius IV
Chalons-sur-Saone 6G 1328
Laon (S. Jean) 6Q 637 1128 -- nuns expelled in favor of monks
S. Bartolomeo in regione collis 1409 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria Maddalena 1316-17 1898: The community closed temporarily between 1810 and 1814. In 1823 the nuns voted for the common life, and no new recruits were to be accepted. I 1898, only 8 nuns remained, and the monastery was purchased by Leo XIII for 15,000 scudi.
S. Caterina Catalonia 1304
Aubagne 6S 1205
Cell Choca Kildare 500-599 (6th century)