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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Brienne 6U 1259
Cell ingen n-Ailello Wicklow
S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont
Povere Penitenti Marche
S. Caterina di Quarto Emilia-Romagna 1205 1291
S. Lucia 1326/27
S. Spirito 1245 or earlier 1827 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Symphorien 9K 626-47 882
S. Victor-a-Huy Liege 1144
Perpignan 6I 1263-1270
Iseure 6C 1151
Bourges (S. Pierre-le-Puellier) 6F 700-799 (8th century) 800-899 (9th century)
Charly 6F 1327 or earlier
S. Bartolomeo de Nava 1252 or earlier
S. Maria de Vallverd Catalonia 1172 1474 -- goods went to Poblet (male)
Name unknown Piedmont 1802
S. Lucia Marche 1327, February 9, by John Aldobrandi.
S. Maria Maddalena delle Convertite Emilia-Romagna 1442
Hereford 1000 or after 1066 or after
Glastonbury 959 or later 970 or later
S. Antonio Abate 1406
Binderen 1231 (circa)
Blijdenberg Antwerp 1253 or earlier
Postel Brabant 1135 (circa) 1299 or earlier (13th century)
Merkem Flanders (West) 1147-1168
Lons-le-Saunier 6H 1200-1299 (13th century)
Crecy 6G 1137 (circa) 1300-1399 (14th century)
Orleans (S. Pierre-le-Pueliler) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 900 or earlier -- became a house of male canons
S. Clara Catalonia 1249 1866
Daire Meilli Leitrim 787 or earlier
Santissima Trinità Apulia
S. Maria delle Grazie Piedmont 1182 1516 -- became an Augustinian hermitate; destroyed in 1525
S. Gregorio de Dinazzano Marche
S. Maria di Liviano 1411 -- by this date, all the nuns had died, and the community was re-incorporated into S. Pietro
Schwarzach 770 (circa) 877
Louvain Brabant 1416
Val-Notre-Dame Liege 1211 or earlier
la Rame 6A 1130 (circa)
Migette 6H 1321 (circa)
Evequeville 6G 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Almeneches 6N 600 (circa). Refounded: 1066. 900-999 (10th century)?
Blessac 6J 1049
Cell Since Meath
Gosford Oxford 1180 (circa)
Name unknown Piedmont 749-756 (circa)
S. Sperandia Marche 1265 (Jacobilli) 1469 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Maria Magdalena vor Schottentor Founded in 1239 by Duke Friedrich II The community was merged into S. Lorenz in 1533 after the cloister was destroyed in the 1529 Turkish siege. (Karl Czoernig, Ethnographie der Oesterreichischen monarchie, (Vienna: K.-K. Hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1857), 143)
S. Zaccaria 829 C.E.
S. Maria della Strada 1260 or earlier
Willencourt 6M 1199 or earlier