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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Heilig Grab 1365 (circa) 1803
Paris (S. Eloi) 6T 633 1107 -- nuns removed in favor of Benedictine monks
S. Maria d'Almata i Sant Christ Catalonia 1250 Still Active
Cell Osnata Leitrim
S. Maria Maddalena Apulia 1283 1370-1400 (circa). See document note for <C778> which indicates that the nuns of this community were excommunicated in 1324.
S. Quirici Piedmont
S. Antonio Marche 1499: closed and given to the Franciscans
S. Maria di Viano LZ 1256 or earlier 1431 or earlier
Kentheim Karslruhe; Calw 1200 circa 1300 circa
S. Maria Madre di Dio 1316 or earlier
Charoltesbach 800 (circa) 900 (circa)
Val-Notre-Dame Brabant 1419
Val-Saint-Bernard Brabant 1235 or earlier
Reading 2B 970 (circa); Refounded in 1121 for Benedictine monks. 1066-1086, possibly as early as 1006
Mirepoix 6L 1330 or earlier
Alost Brabant 1096
Bliez 6U 1136
S. Mauritius 1141-1144 (circa)
Clanfield Oxford 1180 (circa)
Gosford Oxford 1180 (circa)
Name unknown Piedmont 749-756 (circa)
S. Sperandia Marche 1265 (Jacobilli) 1469 (see "Incorporated by," below)
S. Maria Magdalena vor Schottentor Founded in 1239 by Duke Friedrich II The community was merged into S. Lorenz in 1533 after the cloister was destroyed in the 1529 Turkish siege. (Karl Czoernig, Ethnographie der Oesterreichischen monarchie, (Vienna: K.-K. Hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1857), 143)
S. Zaccaria 829 C.E.
S. Maria della Strada 1260 or earlier
Willencourt 6M 1199 or earlier
Robermont Liege 1197 (circa)
Notre-Dame-du-Plan 6S 1200
Byloque Flanders (East) 1215
Bricot-en-Brie 6G 1150 (circa)
Cell Aird Wicklow
Dundee Angus (Scotland) 1501-2 1560
S. Giovanni Battista nel Borgo di San Luca Piedmont
S. Bernardo Marche 1481 -- Closed by Sixtus IV and the goods were transferred to the monks of the monastery of Maria della racce (also in Offida)
S. Caterina di Cento Emilia-Romagna 1796
S. Benigno 1270 (needs verification) 1486 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Caterina de Monte Sinai 1226 1470 (See
S. Germain 9K 1285
S. Remy Namur 1230
Pigiers 6U 1170 (circa)
les Iles 6D 1219
Charite-les-Lezinnes 6D 1184 1432 -- transferred to male community
Bonrepos Catalonia 1210 1452
Padstow Female (traditionally) Cork
S. Serafia Piedmont 1000-1100 (circa)?
S. Maria di Ravone Emilia-Romagna 1332
Glastonbury 959 or later 970 or later
S. Antonio Abate 1406
Binderen 1231 (circa)
Blijdenberg Antwerp 1253 or earlier