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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Wauthier-Braine Brabant 1228 (circa)
S. Angelo della Valle 1329 (circa: some sources say 1353)
Besancon 6H 624 900-999 (10th century)? Refounded c. 1050 for Benedictine monks.
Mons (S. Waudru) Hainault 680 (circa)
S. Maria Vallegloria 1208 or earlier 1464, June 17 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Aguas Cálidas 790
Plainemont 6K 1143 (circa) at Jandeures. Refounded: circa 1145 at Plainemont. 1200-1299 (13th century)
S. Maria de Vallsanta Catalonia 1237 1589, May 13, due to the fact that only 3 nuns remained at the time.
le Jardin-Notre-Dame 6G 1229 or earlier
S. Cecilia 1422 1658 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Cell Achid Conchinn Cork
la Charme 6Q 1098
S. Nicola Vergini Apulia 1503-1505 after an epidemic and financial difficulties
S. Anna Piedmont 600-699 (circa)
S. Giovanni Battista Emilia-Romagna 1799
Caioletto Marche
Tarascon 6S 1358
S. Lucia 1521 -- Members asked the monastery of <C2650> to reform them, but they could not make the "osservenza," and therefore left on June 12, 1521, taking their reduced dowry with them.
Epagne 6Q 1178
S. Daniel i S. Clara Catalonia 1237 1952 (see "Incorporated by," below)
Luneville 6K 1033 1135 given back to monks
Cusset 6C 886 (circa)
le Perray-aux-Nonnains 6P 1247
S. Martino Apulia 1165 1290 or earlier (See "Foundation Information," below)
Le Scalze Piedmont 1465 1855
Mariental (North) (Norden) 1255
Val-Ste-Agnes Brabant 1414
S. Salvatore di Valle Marche 1008 or earlier 1104 or earlier (probable: No documentation after this date)
Westminster 1040 or earlier 1050 (circa)
Maagdendale Hainault 1231 or earlier
S. Margherita 1050-1100 (circa) 1810 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Reconfort 6D 1235
Moleze 6D 1189 or earlier
Áth dá Loarg Meath 440-500 (circa)
Ezanville 6T 1080 (circa)
Bois-Goyer 6P 1140 or earlier
Ebchester Durham 660 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
S. Osberga Warwickshire 700 or earlier
S. Caterina Piedmont
S. Maria di Montedomini Tuscany 1311
Liesborn late 8th or early 9th c. 1131
Name unknown -- center for oblates and recluses Marche
Villesalem 6R 1089
S. Lucia 1518 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Roosendael Antwerp 1227
S. Maria de Savall 1236 1300 or earlier? Needs verification
S. Caecilia 700-799 (8th century)
Novus Boscus 6Q 1344 or earlier
degli Angeli Tuscany 1333 or earlier 1404 or later