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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Lindau (Tertiaries) 1238 or earlier 1528
Moulins Namur 1233 1414 women removed in favor of monks
Sourribes 6S 1160 (circa)
le Puy-St-Jean 6J 1119 (circa) 1100-1199 (12th century)
Limoges 6J 817 or earlier
Laon (S. Jean) 6Q 637 1128 -- nuns expelled in favor of monks
Comps 6C 1052 (circa)
S. Caterina Catalonia 1304
Cell Choca Kildare 500-599 (6th century)
Hampton Middlesex 1180
S. Scolastica Apulia 800-899 (according to some histories) 1866 -- suppressed by the Italian government
S. Sebastiano Piedmont
S. Maria Annunziata Marche 1250 1482
S. Galgano 1290 1412 (See "Incorporated By," below) The community became the College of Arte della Lana, then later a tannery in 1792.
Holzen 1150 (circa) 1802
Val-Virginal Brabant 1215 (circa)
Mureau 6K 1147 (circa) 1200-1299 (13th century)
Paraclet-des-Champs 6Q 1219
les Mazures 6G 1274 or earlier
Epinlieu Hainault 1216
Bertricourt 6Q 1124 at Amiens. Refounded: 1148 at Bertricourt. 1200 (circa)
S. Ruggero Apulia uncertain (in the 5th century when Bishop Ruggero of Canne lived or under the name S. Stefano in the 10th century) 1811
Name unknown Piedmont 1093 or earlier
S. Maria de Cantiro Marche 1271 1300-1399 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Angelo di Panzo 1233 or earlier
Notre-Dame de Jerusalem Limbourg 1480
Vezelay 6D 867 (circa) 890 (circa)
Rouen (S. Amand) 6O 1030
Feucheres 6G 1129-1135 at Tongerloo. Refounded: 1179 at Feucheres. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Fours 6I 1238. Refounded: Moved to Avignon in 1368.
Ath/Aat Namur 1234 or earlier
le Boulay 6F 1191-1197
Eve 1292
Enach Árd Sligo
Horsley Surrey 1199
S. Vittore Piedmont 1430
S. Croce Marche 1363 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Agnesia alla Sperandia Tuscany 1325 or earlier still extant
S. Maria di Camiano 1349 or earlier 1413 (See
S. Maria de Via Nova 1305 or earlier 1446 or earlier? It was not listed among the monasteries subject to <C415> at this time.
S. Lorenzo di Collazone 1235 (April 21-May 25) 1248: Pope Innocent IV conceded to the nuns the right to build a new monastery (<C2748>) because of military incursions.
S. Maria in Trastevere 1223-1228
Azille 6I 1361
S. Menoux 6C 1000 or earlier
Paris (Filles de S. Gervais) 6T 1350 (circa)
Gy-les-Nonnains 6F 840 (circa)
Beaupre Flanders (West) 1228
Caumont 6Q 1130 at Thenailes. Refounded: 1137-1143 at Caumont. 1200-1299
Santissima Trinità e dell'Archangelo S. Michele Piedmont 1056 or earlier
S. Caterina Marche 990