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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Levignac 6L 1334
le Ham 6N 678 (circa); refounded: 10th century; then turned over to monks by episcopal order in 1149. 800-899 (9th century)?
Collinances 6Q 1135 or earlier
S. Bartomeu de Bell-lloc Catalonia 1207 1977
Cell Richille Galway
S. Maria di Procina Apulia 1200-1299 (needs verification)
S. Chiara Piedmont
S. Trinità Umbria
Coldinne 1290
S. Maria e S. Biagio LZ 921 1560
Woodchester (needs verification) 1019 (circa) 1066 or before
S. Andrea di Lupeta Tuscany 1342
S. Caterina da Siena 1491
S. Luca Tuscany
Notre-Dames-des-Fonts 6I 1129 or earlier
le Tresor 6O 1228
Odeghem Flanders (West) 1110 (circa)
Marenz 6L 1168 or earlier
Drouilhe-Blanche 6J 1212 or earlier
S. Chiara
Belleau 6G 1242 (circa)
Adelhausen Bavaria (Bayern) 1245 or earlier 1867
Killeenatrava Mayo 1223 or later (needs verification) 1550-1600 (needs verification)
Sisters (3) Norfolk 1450 (circa) 1500 or earlier
S. Trinità di Casalnuovo Apulia 1370-1400 (circa)
S. Maria di Caramagna Piedmont 1028 (May 28) 1460, under Felix V
S. Caterina da Siena Marche founded after Bishop Constanzo da Fabriano's death [date]
Notre-Dame-la-Royale Ile-de-France 1236
S. Mercuriale Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Maria degli Episcopi 1295 (circa) 1804 (circa) -- by Napoleon. A cemetery takes its place.
Leau Brabant 1484
Vauxbons 6G 1181 (circa)
Rodez 6L 1291
Vaurey 6U 1300 or earlier
Rodez 6L 880 (circa)
Morienval 6Q 800-899 (9th century)
Fontenay-sur-Conie 6F 1186 or earlier
Argenton Namur 1229 or earlier
Bons-en-Bugey 6U 1155 (circa)
Dún Roscommon
S. Chiara Piedmont 1330 (circa) 1802
S. Maria delle Grazie Marche
S. Antonio Abbate 1233 (as a female community)
S. Maria Novella Tuscany
Engelthal 1324 (circa) 1689 (circa)
S. Chiara di Citerna 1355
Rengeval 6K 1153
S. Hoilde 6K 1229 (circa)
Oxford St. Frideswide 2V 727; Refounded in 1122 as a community of Augustinian canons. 874 (circa)