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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Ad Luna female Lazio 461-468
"Cella femminile" Marche 990
Amiens 575 or earlier 900-999 (10th century); refounded for secular canons in 1073
(name unknown) Lazio 1285 or earlier
(name unknown) Marche 1269 (22 August)
"Augustinerinnenkloster" Germany, Bavaria 1460 or earlier 1572 (circa)
Embrun 6S 1200-1299 (13th century)
S. Donato di Flebulle 1233
Belmont-aux-Nonnains 6G 1140 or earlier
S. Luce de Sacco Tuscany
Fochloth Mayo
Northampton Northamptonshire 1252 (circa) 1272 or later
S. Maria di Sovereto Apulia
S. Pietro Piedmont 1100 or earlier
Mantellate Marche 1200 (circa)
Averbode circa 1134 still active
S. Giovanni di Paragnano 1362 (circa: some sources give 1389 or 1400) extant
S. Maria Maddalena 1265
S. Maria del Feriale 1256 or earlier 1448 (see "Incorporated By," below)
Vergaville 6K 966 -- Refounded and restored in 1147
Nantelle 6K 1141-1142 at Jovilliers. Refounded: Circa 1160 at Nantelle. 1200-1299 (13th century)
Fontgauffier 6A 1095
Arluc 6S 600-630 (circa) 963 or earlier
Bouchet 6U 1170-1200 (circa)
Ballynagalliagh Sligo 1223 or later (needs verification) 1562 or earlier (needs verification)
Minchinhampton female (needs verification) Gloucestershire 1066 or later
S. Giacomo e Filippo Piedmont 1299
S. Maria Marche 1422 -- Supressed by Bishop Giovanni; at that time, it did not have any sisters.
S. Maria del Monte della Guardia Emilia-Romagna
S. Rocco 1295
S. Lorenzo a Montevarchi Tuscany 1277
Albaron 6S 1238
S. Laurent 6L 1151
le Paravis 6A 1130
la Guiche 6F 1273
Beaumont-les-Clermont 6C 665 (circa)
Cassaniouze 6C 1276
Marienkloster in Karlsberg 765 or earlier
S. Luca Tuscany
Sheppey Kent 1087 (at Sheppey) 1536
S. Maria Piedmont 1107 (circa)
S. Girolamo Marche 1376 or earlier
S. Meliandra Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Cecilia 1280 or earlier
Thelouet 6E 1124
Soissons (S. Paul) 6G 1228
Provins 6T 1248
Leominster 2N 660 (circa); Refounded: 1139 (circa) as a conventual priory of the monks of Reading Abbey. 1046 (Maybe as late as 1086 or as early as the 9th century)
Hasnon 6M 690 (circa) 900-999 (10th century)? By 1024, this is a house of canons only, later refounded for Benedictine monks alone.