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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort ascending
S. Quirin-a-Huy Liege 1285 (circa)
Hombeek Antwerp 1233
Kilmana Cork
S. Benedetto Marche 1359
Bleurville 6K 1100 or earlier
Clairefontaine 6Q 1126
Maubeuge 6M 661
S. Giovanni dei Cavalieri Saint John the Baptist Tuscany 1400 (circa)
Longpre 6Q 1185 (circa)
Coyroux 6J 1142
S. Magdalena
Tempul na Cailleachdubh Laois
Shurik New York
Antwerp Mariendaal Antwerp 1354
Mont-Sion Brabant 1432
Val-Duchesse Brabant 1368 or earlier
Quimper 6E 450 (circa)
S. Maria di Montedomini Tuscany 1311
Metz (S. Pierre-aux-Nonnains) 6K 690 (circa)
Eule 6L 1174 (circa)
les Allois 6J 1140-1158
Blesle 6C 885 (circa)
Cell Faindche Meath
Woodstock S. Mary and S. Mary Magdalene Oxford 1235 or earlier
S. Giorgio Apulia 1181 or earlier
Hagia Thekla İçel province
S. Salvatore di Valdicastro e S. Biagio Marche Some time before S. Romualdo, since some traditions say that some nuns left S. Salvatore de Valdicastro to help found S. Romualdo
S. Maria
S. Agnese 1252 or earlier
S. Maria de Casis
la Villedieu 6U 1152 or earlier
Rivreulle Hainault 1126 at Bonne Esperance. Refounded: 1140-1182 at Rivreuille.
Notre-Dame-des-Pres 6G 1231
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany 1391 or earlier
Gerigny 6G 1122 at Cuissy. Refounded: 1139-1145 at Gerigny, after 1148 at Rouez.
Avesnes-les-Bapaume 6M 1128
Brayelle-les-Annay, la 6M 1196. Refounded: circa 1250 the nuns moved locations owing to poverty: GC 2, n. xxvi, p.98.
Coppenberg 1181 (women only)
S. Mary Magdalene S. Mary Magdalene Hampshire 1174-89
S. Margherita Marche
B. Gemma
Dominae de Campo S. Petro Tuscany 1302 or earlier
S. Anna Saint Anne Tuscany 722
S. Barbe 9K 1389
Peyreux 6I 1254 or earlier
S. Baldassare Saint Balthasar Tuscany 1341 or earlier
Hocht Limbourg 1218 (circa)
la Chapelle d'Oze 6G 1145
Aguas Cálidas 790