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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
S. Gabriele & S. Bartolomeo Marche 1262, 11 March
Jemgum 1284
S. Benedetto Tuscany
Burtsheid 9J 1215 (circa) at Mont-Satin-Sauveur. Refounded: 1221 at Burtsheid.
Oost-Eeklo Flanders (East) 1228 or earlier
Marseille (Nazareth) 6S 1254
Embrun 6S 1200-1299 (13th century)
S. Donato di Flebulle 1233
Belmont-aux-Nonnains 6G 1140 or earlier
Fochloth Mayo
S. Maria di Sovereto Apulia
S. Pietro Piedmont 1100 or earlier
Mantellate Marche 1200 (circa)
St. Peter of Olomouc Moravia Before 1206
S. Nicholas de Ortis 1354 or earlier
S. Piero Martire Saint Peter Martyr Tuscany 1419
L'Ermite Brabant 1399
Vergaville 6K 966 -- Refounded and restored in 1147
Fontgauffier 6A 1095
Bouchet 6U 1170-1200 (circa)
Minchinhampton female (needs verification) Gloucestershire 1066 or later
S. Giacomo e Filippo Piedmont 1299
S. Maria Magdalena Mary Magdalene
S. Lorenzo a Montevarchi Tuscany 1277
S. Maria 1244, June 14
S. Giovanni Evangelista al Bagno a Ripoli Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany
S. Caterina della Scala 1421
S. Catarina 1309
S. Benedetto Saint Benedict Tuscany 1244 (needs verification)
Gesuate in Città di Castello
Lamanarre 6U 1220 (circa)
S. Jean-au-Bois 6Q 1150 (circa)
Paraclete 6G 1129
Guesnes 6R 1106-1109
Beaumont-les-Autels 6F 1130 (circa)
Carcassone 6I 1290 or earlier
Dún-dá-én Antrim
S. Maria Piedmont 1100 (circa)
S. Giovanni Marche
Iuxta Thermas Agrippianas female (needs verification) LZ 599 or earlier
S. Marta Saint Martha Tuscany 1325 or earlier
S. Maria Maddelena Saint Mary Tuscany 1146
S. Chiara Clare of Montefalco (after 1492) 1290
S. Appolonia di Firenze Saint Appolonia Tuscany 1339
S. Giovanni delle Rocche
Vix 6P 1047
Soissons (Notre-Dame) 6G 660 (circa)
Prouille 6I 1206
le Lieu-Notre-Dame 6F 1250