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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
Chaumontois 6F 1163 or earlier
Tart l'Abbaye 6D 1125 (circa)
Mielen Limbourg 1194 or earlier
Dax 6A 1283 or earlier
S. Stefano del lago Piedmont
S. Maria delle Grazie 1497 or earlier
Val-Ste-Agnes Brabant 1414
Maagdendale Hainault 1231 or earlier
Reconfort 6D 1235
Moleze 6D 1189 or earlier
Ezanville 6T 1080 (circa)
Bois-Goyer 6P 1140 or earlier
Church of the Holy Maccabees 1134-1178
Name Unknown Apulia
Name Unknown Piedmont
Convent of the Mother of God Pantanassa Mother of God ca. 1400
Villingen S. Ursula
S. Maria Maddalena 1271, June 8
Name Unknown Tuscany 1265
Name Unknown Tuscany
S. Pierre-le-haut 595-610
Villiers-aux-Nonnains 6T 1220 (circa)
Rothem Limbourg 1239 or earlier
Ghislenghien Hainault 1126
Avignon (S. Laurent) Laurent 6S 950 or earlier
Brive-la-Gaillarde 6J 1296 or earlier
S. Giorgio Saint George Tuscany 738 or earlier
S. Colombanus Saint Colombanus Tuscany 847
S. Trinità di Cortona Holy Trinity Tuscany 1439 or earlier
Wauthier-Braine Brabant 1228 (circa)
Mons (S. Waudru) Hainault 680 (circa)
le Jardin-Notre-Dame 6G 1229 or earlier
la Charme 6Q 1098
Name Unknown Piedmont 1224 or earlier
S. Maria Maddalena Saints Peter and Paul [1325] Marche 1265
S. Maria Maddalena di Valdipietra Emilia-Romagna 1265
S. Benedetto Saint Benedict / Saint Mary Tuscany
Immacolata Concezione Immaculate Conception Tuscany 1336
Monna Simone 1452 or earlier
S. Gherardo Saint Gerard Tuscany 1377 or later
Gnadenthal Blessed Virgin Mary 1300 or earlier
Brussells (S. Catherine) Saint Catherine Brabant 1232 (circa)
Tarascon 6S 1358
Epagne 6Q 1178
Cusset 6C 886 (circa)
le Perray-aux-Nonnains 6P 1247
Cubas 6A 1175 or earlier
Cell Osnata Leitrim
S. Quirici Piedmont
S. Tommasso S. Thomas Tuscany