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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
Bill New York
Convento del Terzo Ordine Marche
Himmelskron 1430 or earlier
Gempe Brabant 1219
S. Giacomo Saint James Tuscany 1221 or earlier
Tusschenbeek Flanders (East) 1147-1148 at Serskamp. Refounded: 1256 at Tusschenbeek.
Orienten Brabant 1233
S. Baldassare Saint Balthasar Tuscany 1341 or earlier
Encloitre-en-Chaufournois 6F 1108 or earlier
Benoitvaux 6G 1200-1299 (13th century)
Rajhrad Moravia
S. Annunziata Piedmont 1458 (circa)
S. Vittore delle Chiuse Marche
Mont-St-Nicolas Brabant 1439
S. Maria de Gavillione e S. Juliana Saint Mary / Saint Juliana Tuscany 1258
le Verger 6M 1225 or earlier
S. Michaelis de Monte Tribaldi Saint Michael Tuscany
la Ronze 6J 1279 or earlier
S. Giovanni Battista Saint John the Baptist Tuscany 1356 or later
Narbonne 6I 1246 or earlier
Fonts-les-Alais 6I 1201-1225. Refounded: United with the Franciscans of Ales ca. 1360.
l'Arpajonie 6L 1297
Boulancourt 6G 1150 (circa)
Hahn 1292
Marshfield female (needs verification) Gloucestershire
Adelberg Swabia ca. 1178
S. Giorgio 1070
S. Maria Vallis Gaudii 1244 (circa)
S. Maria de Pupula 1223 or earlier
Cerisiers 6P 1131 or earlier
S. Maria di Ricorboli Saint Mary Tuscany
le Parc-aux-Dames 6Q 1205. Refounded: cists 1205.
Guines 6M 1117
la Guiche 6F 1273
Beaumont-les-Clermont 6C 665 (circa)
Cassaniouze 6C 1276
Marienkloster in Karlsberg 765 or earlier
S. Angelo Apulia
S. Lorenzo e S. Maria della Valle Piedmont 1285
S. Leonardo 1492 or earlier
Thelouet 6E 1124
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany
Soissons (S. Paul) 6G 1228
Provins 6T 1248
Coulonges 6D 1140 (circa)
Temple Cashel Kerry
Jemgum 1284
Old Sarum S. Mary Wiltshire
S. Pietro de Castelfaccio Piedmont 1092-4
S. Marcella Marcella LZ 382 or earlier