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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
S. Maria de Vallsanta Catalonia 1237 1589, May 13, due to the fact that only 3 nuns remained at the time.
Ard Carna Saint Mary Roscommon 1144 or later 1590
Cell Adrochtae Sligo 400 or later (needs verification) 1591
S. Agata Piedmont 1144 (circa) 1591/1802 (see "Order," below)
Wechterswinkel The Holy Trinity and S. Margaret, S. Mary (by 1150); currently S. Cosmas and Damian 1143 (circa) 1592
Weiler Blessed Virgin Mary (church); S. John the Apostle (convent) 1230 1592
S. Maria de Montalegre Catalonia 1200 (circa) 1593 - nuns were prohibited from admitting novices when they refused to accept Tridentine claustration rules. The community was converted into the Serminari Tridentí, while the two remaining canonesses went to two other communities.
Onze Mil Verges Catalonia 1344 1594
S. Caterina della Picaia 1259 1595 (See
S. Caterina Piedmont 1342 1596 (October 17) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
S. Mary Magdalene Mary Magdalene Suffolk 1267 or earlier 1596 or later
S. Maria Piedmont 1200-1230 (circa) 1597 (June 13) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
Frauenalb Blessed Virgin Mary 1180 1598 / 1803
S. Maria Assunta Saint Mary of the Assumption Tuscany 1364 or earlier 1598 or later (needs verification)
Manuel WLO 1164 or earlier 1599
Konigslutter S. Peter; S. Paul Braunschweig 1135 1600 circa
S. Nazzaro dei Burgondi Piedmont 982 or earlier (see "Early Documents," below) 1600 or earlier
Irnaide Tyrone 739 or earlier 1600-1680 (circa)
Chamalieres 6C 665 (circa) 1600-1699 (17th century)
S. Jacopo in via Ghibellina Saint James Tuscany 1300 or earlier (needs verification) 1601
S. Martiniano Piedmont 904 1601 (see "Incorporated By," below).
S. Maria del Pedregal Catalonia 1176 1604
Eccles Berkshire 1156 or earlier 1609
Hilwartshausen S. Mary; S. Stephan; S. Vitus 960-963 1610
Elcho Perth 1241 or earlier 1610
Gernrode Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Cyriacus; S. Matronus; S. Peter 959-961 1610
Besselich Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Aegidius, S. Peter and S. Paul 1153-1163 1620
Haddington East Lothian 1159 or earlier 1621
Coldstream Blessed Mary Berkshire 1166 or earlier 1621
S. Agnese Apulia unknown 1621 or earlier, when SS Agnese e Paolo formed
S. Bothan's Berkshire 1214-32 (needs verification) 1622
Escherde Mary (1236); John the Baptist and John the Apostle (1262) 1203 1625; reestablished 1652. The convent was finally dissolved in 1810.
Fulda Women's house: Blessed Virgin Mary, Men's house: S Salvator, S Peter, S Paul, S Boniface Hessen-Nassau 744 1626
S. Clara Catalona 1351 1627
Herford S. Mary; S. Pusinna 823 (circa -- although Schmitz-Kallenberg puts the date at c. 789) 1631; 1802
S. Jacopo di Ripoli Saint James Tuscany 1238 or earlier (needs verification) 1633 or later
S. Vincenzo Saint Vincent Tuscany 1390 (circa) 1635 or later
S. Bevignate 1296 or earlier 1640 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Chiara 1453 or earlier 1641 (see "Incorporated By," below). Re-founded between 1643 and 1647 as <C2671>, a Benedictine community.
S. Benedetto 1267 1641 -- nuns took over the former male community of <C2668>. Community's buildings became a private church until the sisters of <C2670> transferred there after having been expelled from <C2649>.
S. Caterina Vecchia 1258 or earlier 1643: The war between Pope Urban VIII and the Duke of Tuscany put the community in danger, so they moved to the city, taking over an older community (probably named S. Chiara) and refounding it as <C2671>.
S. Agnes S. Agnes (?) 1264 1644
S. John the Baptist John the Baptist and S. Mary and All Saints (cited in the foundation document). Cheshire 1190 or later 1644
S. Nicholas Hospital Carlisle Nicholas Cumberland 1199 or earlier 1645
Derneburg S. Andrew 1143 1651
S. Maria Magdalena S. Mary Magdalene (needs verification) 1289 or earlier 1651
Buxtehude, Altkloster S. Mary and S. Laurentius 1197 (circa) 1651 (circa)
S. Maria sul Prato Saint Mary Tuscany 1289 1651 or later
S. Cecilia 1422 1658 (See "Incorporated By," below)
Heiliggeistkloster Blessed Virgin Mary; Holy Spirit; Holy Cross 1196 or earlier 1667