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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
Petit-Bigard Brabant 1235
Mercoire 6I 1207 (circa)
Epargnemail 6Q 1137 (circa)
Abbaye-aux-Bois 6Q 1202. Refounded: 16th century relocation to Paris.
Biaches 6Q 1235
White Monastery Upper Egypt. In late antiquity, the monastery was in the Panopolite nome under the metropolis of Panopolis. Fourth century
S. Salvatoris et S. Maria Saint Salvatoris / Saint Mary Tuscany 755 (circa)
S. Caterina 1234 or earlier
S. Tomasso Saint Thomas Tuscany 1142 or earlier
S. Margaretha S. Margaret 1241 or earlier
Groenenbriel Flanders (East) 1370
Rozoy-le-Jeune 6F 1106 (circa)
Nimes 6I 1240 (circa)
Gaillac 6L 1268 or earlier
Aubeterre 6C 970 (circa). Refounded: circa 1150 .
Bourges (St-Hippolyte) S. Hippolyte 6F 1145 or earlier
Korduan 1290
Borgo Mortara Piedmont 1482 (June 25)
S. Angelo a Vico Tuscany
S. Pauli Saint Paul Tuscany 761 or earlier
Luxembourg (St-Esprit) 11C 1234
S. Sulpice-la-Forêt 6E 1112
Parmenie 6U 1157
Hautes-Bruyeres 6T 1112
le Bechet 6G 1170 or earlier
la Celle-Roubaud 6S 1260 or earlier
S. Maria Maddelena Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany 1339
S. Pantaleone Saint Pantaleone Tuscany 1233
S. Maria Maddalena 1340
S. Domenico nel Maglio Saint Dominic Tuscany
Argensolles 6G 1222
Bethanie Flanders (West) 1252 or earlier. Refounded: 15th century: becomes a house of Norbertine sisters.
Louvain Brabant 1235 circa
le Lochereaux 6P 1120 (circa)
Montreuil-les-Dames 6Q 1136
Cormoranche 6U 1174 or earlier
S. Mercurio di Canne Apulia 1145 (circa)
Domus Dei Piedmont
S. Maria delle Virgini Marche 1170-1200 (circa -- although Cottineau gives 1460 as foundation date)
S. Maria a Verzaia Saint Mary Tuscany 1428 or earlier
Hüls 1450 or earlier
Vernon 6O 1260
Belle Tanche 6K 1140 (circa)
Petegem Flanders (East) 1137 at Tronchiennes. Refounded: 1148 at Petegem.
Melan 6U 1292
l' Esclache 6C 1159 (circa)
Beziers 6I 1300 (circa)
S. Trinità Apulia 1080-1120
Monastery of the Myrelaion 922
Widersdorf Lotharingia