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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
la Rame 6A 1130 (circa)
Name unknown (Beguine community)
Migette 6H 1321 (circa)
Cluain Cuibhtin Meath
Blessac 6J 1049
S. Hilda's Hilda Durham 649 or earlier
S. Agathe Piedmont
San Paolo delle Abbadesse Umbria
S. Trinità Marche
la Villedieu 6U 1152 or earlier
S. Lorenzo inter vineas 1235, 23 July
Rivreulle Hainault 1126 at Bonne Esperance. Refounded: 1140-1182 at Rivreuille.
S. Paolo Saint Paul Tuscany 1329 (circa)
Wyse 1299
Notre-Dame-des-Pres 6G 1231
Convertite Tuscany 1200 or later
Gerigny 6G 1122 at Cuissy. Refounded: 1139-1145 at Gerigny, after 1148 at Rouez.
Vredendaal 1486 Antwerp
Brayelle-les-Annay, la 6M 1196. Refounded: circa 1250 the nuns moved locations owing to poverty: GC 2, n. xxvi, p.98.
S. Stefano Piedmont 1135 or before
S. Catherine 9K 1208
Beaufays 6D 1126 (circa)
S. Quirin-a-Huy Liege 1285 (circa)
S. Maria Maddalena
S. Petri Saint Peter Tuscany 803 or earlier
Hombeek Antwerp 1233
S. Appolinare
Cuillen Ui Chuiv Cork
S. Adriano del Borbore Piedmont
Bleurville 6K 1100 or earlier
Clairefontaine 6Q 1126
Maubeuge 6M 661
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany
Longpre 6Q 1185 (circa)
Coyroux 6J 1142
S. Maria della Casa di Dio Piedmont 1256
S. Giorgio sulla Costa Saint George Tuscany
Barthe 1204
Mont-Sion Brabant 1432
Val-Duchesse Brabant 1368 or earlier
Quimper 6E 450 (circa)
S. Petri et S. Pauli et S. Anastasii Saint Peter / Saint Paul / Saint Anastasius Tuscany 748
Brunshausen Bonifatius; (S. Anastasius, Innocent, Stephan protomartyr (although not according to Germania Benedictina)); Mary Niedersachsen, district Borken 852-853 (see "foundation information," below)
Metz (S. Pierre-aux-Nonnains) 6K 690 (circa)
Eule 6L 1174 (circa)
Blesle 6C 885 (circa)
Borgo Mortara Piedmont 1482 (June 25)
El Real Monasterio de Santa Clara de Tordesillas S. Chiara 1363
Villebois 6U 1249 or earlier