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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
S. Clemente Piedmont 960 (circa)
S. Maria della Misericordia Marche
S. Ippolito e S. Cassiano Hippolytus / Cassian LZ
S. Silvestro a Marciano Saint Sylvester Tuscany 1148
la Villedieu 6U 1152 or earlier
Rivreulle Hainault 1126 at Bonne Esperance. Refounded: 1140-1182 at Rivreuille.
Notre-Dame-des-Pres 6G 1231
Name unknown (Beguines) 1285 or earlier
Gerigny 6G 1122 at Cuissy. Refounded: 1139-1145 at Gerigny, after 1148 at Rouez.
Ghent Ste-Barbe Flanders (East) 1425
Avesnes-les-Bapaume 6M 1128
Gercy 6T 1269
Ghent St-Agnes Flanders (East) 1435
Avenay 6G 660 (circa)
Brageac 6C 1100 (circa) as a female community -- see "foundation information," below
Lis Mór Mochutu Waterford 600-699 (7th century)
S. Mary Magdalene S. Mary Magdalene Hampshire 1174-89
S. Felice Piedmont
S. Maria Maddalena Marche
S. Gemignano Saint Gemignano Tuscany 890 or later
Pfullingen 1252
S. Barbe 9K 1389
Peyreux 6I 1254 or earlier
Hocht Limbourg 1218 (circa)
la Chapelle d'Oze 6G 1145
Aguas Cálidas 790
Cell Achid Conchinn Cork
S. Maria de Montescudario Tuscany 1276 or earlier
S. Maria di Montignano Saint Mary Tuscany 1088
S. Giovanni Evangelista Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany 1427 or earlier
Beaulieu 6G 1140 (circa)
Macquincourt 6Q 1130 (circa) at Bony. Refounded: 1212 Macquincourt.
Longefont 6F 1116
Courpiere 6C 1260 or earlier
Muine-rathe St. Brigid (women's monastery) / St. Patrick (men's monastery) Laois
S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont 1100-1150 (circa)
Meerhusen 1219
Lens-S. Remy Liege 1350 (circa)
Espagnac 6L 1211 (circa)
S. Caterina Novella 1643-1647 (re-foundation: earlier was the site of <C2670>, a community of Poor Clares)
Pres-Porchins Hainault 123
Name unknown (Beguine community)
Metz "Clairvaux" 6K 1133
Etrun 6M 1085 (circa)
Áth dá Loarg Meath 440-500 (circa)
S. Anastasia (Anastasio?) S. Anastasia, martyr Piedmont 991 (May 4)
S. Veneranda Veneranda LZ 1200 or earlier (needs verification)
Santa Clara before 1260
Odilienberg bei Molsheim