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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
Daire Meilli Leitrim 787 or earlier
Maaseik S. Agnes Limbourg 1429
Santissima Trinità Apulia
S. Francesco a Guadato Saint Francis Tuscany
S. Gregorio de Dinazzano Marche
S. Agnes 9K 1255
S. Martino in Kinseca Saint Martin Tuscany 1331 or earlier
S. Zacharie 6S 1267 or earlier
la Perrigne 6P 1303
Herkenrode Liege 1182
Champbenoit 6T 1138
S. Maria 1218
Cell Since Meath
Paradiso 1400-1499 (15th century)
S. Maria Annunziata S. Benedict Apulia 1474 or earlier
Name unknown Piedmont 749-756 (circa)
S. Maria Maddelena Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany 1323
S. Maria de Lutara Virgin Mary LZ 806 or earlier
Autun (Notre-Dame) 6D 589 (circa)
S. Niccolo di Prato Saint Nicholas Tuscany
Aumont 6Q 1140
Marche-les-Dames 6I 1236 or earlier
Londieu 6L 1281
Munster-Klooster 10F 1224
Locmaria 6E 1050 (circa)
Kortenberg Brabant 1105 or earlier
Avesnes-les-Bapaume 6M 1128
S. Maria della pace 1245, June 12
Coppenberg 1181 (women only)
S. Gaudenzio Piedmont 1069
S. Bartolo di Gignoro Saint Bartolus Tuscany 1370
S. Caterina Marche
S. Spirito di Arezzo Holy Spirit Tuscany
Bethleem Flanders (West) 1230 (circa)
Val-Benoit Liege 1231
S. Benedetto e S. Scolastica Saint Benedict / Saint Scolastica Tuscany 823 or earlier
Pommereux 6M 1128
Metz (S. Madeleine) 6K 1300-1325
Esteil 6C 1151
Bival 6O 1128-1154
Kilmana Cork
S. Benedetto Marche 1359
Vignats 6N 1130 (circa)
Quesnoy 6M 1233
Nimes 6I 991
Gallargues 6I 1027
Bourges (S. Laurent and S. Jacques) Saints Laurent & Jacques 6F 800 (circa)
Kecharitomene Mother of God Kecharitomene, "Full of Grace" 1000-1104
S. Angelo di Panzo 1233 or earlier
S. Magdalena