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Title Dedication Region Date Founded Date Terminatedsort descending
Mont-D'Or Flanders (West) 1214
Derses 6J 1218 or earlier
S. Maria Novella Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Stefano del lago Piedmont
S. Angelo della Valle 1329 (circa: some sources say 1353)
Vallauris 6S 1227
Mont-Notre-Dame-les-Provins 6T 1236
Amour Dieu (l') 6G 1232
Name Unknown Apulia
Fervacques 6Q 1140 (circa)
Weiher 1198
Name Unknown Piedmont
Bonham 6M 1223-1224
Gageborough Offaly 1200 or later (needs verification)
Vitry-en-Perthois 6G 1235 (circa)
S. Beuve-aux-Champs 6O 1183
Oraison-Dieu 6L 1167 or earlier
Gomerfontaine 6Q 1207 (circa)
S. Elisabetta Saint Elizabeth Tuscany 1330 (needs verification)
Bruyere 6U 840 (circa)
S. Giorgio Saint George Tuscany 738 or earlier
S. Colombanus Saint Colombanus Tuscany 847
Mariental (North) (Norden) 1255
Horeen 9K 627 (circa)
Salzinnes Namur 1202 or earlier
la Pommeraie 6D 1151
Jourcey 6U 1144-1147
S. Pedro de las Dueñas 1075
Name Unknown Piedmont 1224 or earlier
Chateau-Chalon 6H 665 (circa)
S. Maria Maddalena Saints Peter and Paul [1325] Marche 1265
S. Benedetto Saint Benedict / Saint Mary Tuscany
Immacolata Concezione Immaculate Conception Tuscany 1336
Steterburg 1003 (circa)
S. Pietro
S. Maria del Camí
Etanche 6K 1157 (circa)
Dienze Ste-Margeurite Flanders (East) 1448
Name unknown (Beguines) 1285 or earlier
Crepy-en-Valois 6Q 1184
Ghent Ste-Barbe Flanders (East) 1425
Ter Beeck Limbourg 1237 or earlier
Monchy-le-Perreux 6Q 1238
le Lys 6T 1244
S. Verdiana Saint Verdiana / Saint Giovanni Gualberto, (second half of 14th c.) Tuscany 1391
S. Quirici Piedmont
S. Tommasso S. Thomas Tuscany
S. Agnese 1400