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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort ascending Date Terminated
Mehrerau S. Peter; S. Paul Bregenz 610 1806
Bonifati male monastery (needs verification) LZ 608
S. Ippolito Marche 600-750 (circa)
S. Anna Piedmont 600-699 (circa)
Orleans (Notre-Dame) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 840 -- transformed into a community for male religious
Troyes (S. Quentin) 6G 600-699 (7th century)? 1089 or earlier -- this is the date at which the community was refounded for monks of Mosleme, but the actual termination of the female community may have been earlier.
Orleans (S. Pierre-le-Pueliler) 6F 600-699 (7th century)? 900 or earlier -- became a house of male canons
Gwitherin 600-699 (7th century) 800-899 (9th century -- needs verification)
Chantoin 6C 600-699 (7th century) 900-999 (10th century)??
Bordeaux 6A 600-699 (7th century) 700-799 (8th century)?
Lis Mór Mochutu Waterford 600-699 (7th century)
S. Pietro in Città Peter / Vivian LZ 600-699 (7th century -- traditional date) 1810 (later restored, still extant)
Cell Bicsige Westmeath 600-635 (circa)
Arluc 6S 600-630 (circa) 963 or earlier
Cell Cere Tipperary 600-625 (circa)
Addrigoole Saint Bairre Laois 600 or earlier (needs verification) 1240 (circa)
S. Stefano presso S. Paolo Stephen LZ 600 or earlier 967 or earlier (needs verification)
S. Leucio a Tor di Quinto (male?) Luke LZ 600 or earlier 1192 or earlier (needs verification)
Almeneches 600 (circa). Refounded: 1066. 900-999 (10th century)?
Iuxta Thermas Agrippianas female (needs verification) LZ 599 or earlier
S. Pierre-le-haut 595-610
Gallinas Albas LZ 593 or earlier 650 or earlier (needs verification)
Reims (S. Pierre-le-Haut) 6G 590
Autun (Notre-Dame) 6D 589 (circa)
Monthieux 6U 587 (circa)
Enach Dúine Saint Mary Galway 578 or earlier 1223-4 or later
Amiens 575 or earlier 900-999 (10th century); refounded for secular canons in 1073
Cluain Ferta Brenaind Galway 560 (circa)/ 1144 (needs verification) 1550-1600 (needs verification)
Poitiers (S. Croix) 6R 558 (circa)
Uachtair Áird Kildare 550-650 (circa)
Arles Notre-Dame 6J 550 (circa) 700-799 (8th century)
Lyon (S. Eulalie) 6U 550 (circa) 655 (circa) -- turned over to men, nuns join <C1840> in the city
S. Giovenale Juvenal LZ 537 or later 555 (may have been later restored: see "Miscellaneous Info" below)
S. Stefano Maggiore Stephen LZ 526 (circa) 732 -- transferred to male community
les Andelys 6O 526 (circa) 900 (circa)? Refounded in the 11th century as a community for male canons.
Mainister Buite Louth 525 (circa -- needs verification)
Arles (S. Cesaire) 6S 515 (circa)
Lyon (S. Pierre-les-Nonnains) 6U 510 (circa). Refounded after destruction in early 9th century (?).
Bazas 6A 500-599?
Vienne (Notre-Dame) 6U 500-599 (6th century)?. Refounded by 1281.
Prebayon (Ramieres) 6S 500-599 (6th century); Refounded: 962.
Tech-damnata St. Damhnat Monaghan 500-599 (6th century)
le Mans (Notre-Dame) 6P 500-599 (6th century) 800-899 (9th century)?
S. Enimie 6I 500-599 (6th century) 950 or earlier, possibly 9th century. It is certain that, by 951, the community had been refounded as a male house.
Nevers (S. Etienne) 6D 500-599 (6th century) 1063 or earlier -- transformed into a male community
Cell Choca Kildare 500-599 (6th century)
Baile Muirne Cork 500 or later (needs verification) 1172 or earlier (needs verification)
Cluain Bairend Cairech Dergen Roscommon 500 or later 1167 or earlier (needs verification)
Lyon (S. Michel) 6U 500 (circa) 1185
Cell Sléibe Cuilinn Armagh 500 (circa - needs verification) 1542