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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort ascending Date Terminated
S. Cugat del Far 700 or earlier? 725 or later?
S. Osberga Warwickshire 700 or earlier
Auchy 6M 700 (circa). Refounded: circa 1079. 880 (circa)
Pfalzel 700 (circa) 1016; refounded as male house
S. Maria di Valdisasso Marche 700 (circa -- traditional date. See "Foundation Information," below), but the first known document dates from the 11th c. 1814 (circa): Supressed in the Napoleonic period, but assigned to the Capuchin Mothers (con. osservanza) in 1833, and is still extant.
S. John of Beverly S. John the Evangelist Yorkshire 700 1450 or after
Repton 2G 697 or earlier. Refounded: 1153-1159 refoundation for Augustinian canons. 874
Inkberrow Worcestershire 693 or earlier 1000 or earlier
Andenne Namur 692 (circa); Refounded: by 1100. 883
Orp Brabant 692 (circa) 799 or earlier?
Honnecourt 6M 691 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)? By 911, the community had been refounded as a house for monks only.
Wenlock 690 or before 1066 or before; A 901 charter is the last evidence of women residing at this double monastery
Metz (S. Pierre-aux-Nonnains) 6K 690 (circa)
Hasnon 6M 690 (circa) 900-999 (10th century)? By 1024, this is a house of canons only, later refounded for Benedictine monks alone.
Burton 2Y 690 (circa) 875-900 (circa)
Pershore St. Eadburgh? 2DD 689(circa) Refounded c. 970 circa for Benedictine monks by King Edgar. 970, or possibly as early as 890
Carlisle 2F 685; Refounded: circa 1125 refoundation for Augustinian canons. 800-899 (9th century) -- Destroyed
Blangy Ste-Berthe 6M 685 (circa) 870-900 (circa). Refounded c. 1031 for Benedictine monks.
Montivilliers 6O 682. Refounded: 1030. 800-899 (9th century)?
S. Peter Double Monastery Peter Gloucestershire 681 (circa). It was refounded circa 1058 for Benedictine monks. 767 or later
Valenciennes 6M 680 (circa); Refounded in 749 for canons. 749 or earlier
Hackness 2E 680 (circa). Refounded in the late 11th century as a priory of the monks of Whitby. 870 (circa)
Mons (S. Waudru) Hainault 680 (circa)
Evequeville 6G 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Handbury 2Y 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Hohenburg Blessed Virgin Mary; S. Odilia Alsace 680 (circa) 1546 (for female community -- final dissolution in 1661)
Caudebequet 6O 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Puellemontier 6G 680 (circa) 800-950 (circa -- it is only known that, when monks took over the site in the 11th century, it had been long-abandoned).
Threekingham 2Y 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
Weedon S. Mary 2II 680 (circa) 800-899 (9th century)
le Mans (S. Aubin) 6P 680 (circa) 900-999 (10th century)?
le Ham 6N 678 (circa); refounded: 10th century; then turned over to monks by episcopal order in 1149. 800-899 (9th century)?
Bath, Cathedral Priory Somershire 676 758, Before becoming a male community
Agata in Monte Piedmont 673 1782: the goods of the house were ceded to the civic hospital of S. Matteo. In 1813, the lands were bought by Count Giacomo Fantoni, who formed a public bath with the many rooms.
Ely Cambridge 672-3 (needs verification) 870
Wareham (female) St. Mary? Dorsetshire 672 (circa) Destroyed by Danes in 876, may have been a community of nuns until 982.
S. Sexburga Sexburga, S. Mary Kent 670-75; refounded in 1130? 1066 or before, probably as early as 890
S. Paul-les-Beauvais 6Q 670-700 (circa) 851; refounded c. 1036
Oroer 6Q 670-700 (circa) 857; refounded in 1025 restored as a priory of St-Paul de Beauvais.
le Mans (S. Scholastica) 6P 670 (circa)? 800-899 (9th century)?
Bonmoutier 6K 670 (circa); Refounded: 11th for monks. 1000 or earlier
Baume-les-Dames 6H 670 (circa)
Bruyeres-le-Chatel 6T 670 800-899 (9th century). Refounded in 1080 for Benedictine monks.
Minster in Thanet St. Mildrith/Mildred Kent 669-90 1011
Barking S. Mary and S. Ethelburga Essex 666 (traditional date) 1539
Royat 6C 665 (circa) 900-930 (circa)
Beaumont-les-Clermont 6C 665 (circa)
Chamalieres 6C 665 (circa) 1600-1699 (17th century)
Chateau-Chalon 6H 665 (circa)
Castor SS Cyneburga and Cyneswitha 2II 664 or earlier 870 (some sources attest to a late tenth or early 11th century termination)