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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort ascending Date Terminated
S. Anna 1485 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Andrea Piedmont 1413 [? -- illegible] (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Domenico
S. Croce Holy Cross Tuscany
S. Margherita Marche 1367 (see "Incorporated By," below).
Pforzheim S. Maria Magdalena
Fanciulle del Ceppo Tuscany
S. Caterina Marche
Cell Inghen Leinen Dublin
Santissima Trinità Apulia
S. Maria Novella Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Pietro
S. Maria del Camí
S. Lampo Piedmont
S. Domenico Marche 1400-1499 (15th century) -- supressed
S. Chiara Tuscany
S. Giovanni Battista Emilia-Romagna 1799
S. Lucia 1521 -- Members asked the monastery of <C2650> to reform them, but they could not make the "osservenza," and therefore left on June 12, 1521, taking their reduced dowry with them.