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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort ascending Date Terminated
Paris (Filles-Dieu) 6T
La Merce Catalonia
Cell Eochaille Clare
Sandwich S. Mary Kent
S. Maria del Monte della Guardia Emilia-Romagna
S. Eufemia Piedmont
S. Liberato Marche
S. Bibiana Saint Bibiana Tuscany 1400 (circa)
S. Marco Marche 1408 (September 30) -- see "Incorporated By," below.
Rajhrad Moravia
Marshfield female (needs verification) Gloucestershire
S. Maria del Gesu di S. Casciano Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Jacopo e S. Filippo Saint Jacob / Saint Philip Tuscany
Cluain-fidhi Clare
S. Maria Annunziata Piedmont
S. Maria degli Angeli Emilia-Romagna 1799
S. Caterina a Lago Saint Catherine Tuscany
Bill New York
Fochloth Mayo
S. Maria di Sovereto Apulia
S. Angelo in Arcaltis Tuscany 1357 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Maria Marche 1422 -- Supressed by Bishop Giovanni; at that time, it did not have any sisters.
S. Maria Magdalena Mary Magdalene
S. Margherita 1784, or 1815 (See "Incorporated By," below)
S. Margherita Emilia-Romagna 1798
Temple Cashel Kerry
S. Giovanni Apulia
S. Margherita Piedmont
S. Martina Martina LZ 1350-1400 (circa)
S. Benedetto Tuscany
S. Margarita Saint Margaret Tuscan 1368
Domnach-ceirne Mayo (uncertain) / Meath (uncertain)
S. Giovanni Battista Apulia 1866, July 7
S. Luca Marche 1408 (September 30) -- see "Incorportated By," below.
S. Michele e Niccolas Saint Michael / Saint Nicholas Tuscany
S. Pietro Saint Peter Tuscany
Zelle in der Komödienstrasse
Camach Brigde Roscommon
S. Maria Maddalena Piedmont
S. Maria di Chiaravalle Marche
S. Giovanni Evangelista al Bagno a Ripoli Saint John the Evangelist Tuscany
Gesuate in Città di Castello
Dún-dá-én Antrim
Swingfield Kent 1180 circa
S. Giovanni Marche
SS. Ludovico e Alessio Emilia-Romagna 1798
S. Giovanni delle Rocche
Tech na n-Ingen Galway / Roscommon: Archdall 622
Cadeby, female (needs verification) Lincolnshire