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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort ascending Date Terminated
Beguines Provence c. 1250 01-24-1414 (absorbed into Franciscan house at Marseille)
Himmelpforte (St Agnes) On August 11, 1331, the Himmelpforte church was consecrated by St. Dietrich, Bishop of the Church of Dyonisin. The church was dedicated to S. Agnes and Katharina (Zak 166). The later appended chapel contained an altar dedicated to S. Katharina, and was c. 1235 (Zak 143); it was the fifth oldest Viennese women’s house (141). September 28, 1783 (Schimmer 383)
S. Angelo Saint Michael the Archangel Tuscany before 786
Rothenburg (Tertiaries) before 1400 1555
Santa Clara before 1260
Reistingen S. Peter (fourteenth century); S. Peter, S. Vitus (present) before 1250 1450
St. Peter of Olomouc Moravia Before 1206
Wennigsen Hanover before 1200 1542; continues
Usk S. Mary before 1135 August 29, 1536
Braunschweig Niedersachsen (lower saxony) before 11241 continues?
Niedermünster Ascension of Mary (Maria Himmelfahrt); S. Erhard after 750 1802/3
Ankerwyke S. Mary Magdalene Buckinghamshire About 1160 (circa) 1536
Vansesa <a href= >Cazzo immagini</a> [link= ]Cazzo immagini[/link] [url=]Cazzo imm New York <a href= >Cazzo immagini</a> [link= ]Cazzo immagini[/link] [url=]Cazzo imm <a href= >Cazzo immagini</a> [link= ]Cazzo immagini[/link] [url=]Cazzo imm
Vansesa <a href= >Cazzo immagini</a> [link= ]Cazzo immagini[/link] [url=]Cazzo imm New York <a href= >Cazzo immagini</a> [link= ]Cazzo immagini[/link] [url=]Cazzo imm <a href= >Cazzo immagini</a> [link= ]Cazzo immagini[/link] [url=]Cazzo imm
Innessa <a href= >Cazzo</a> [link= ]Cazzo[/link] [url=]Cazzo[/url] New York <a href= >Cazzo</a> [link= ]Cazzo[/link] [url=]Cazzo[/url] <a href= >Cazzo</a> [link= ]Cazzo[/link] [url=]Cazzo[/url]
S. Georgen am Langsee S. George Salzburg 998-1009 1783
S. Sadurní de Collsabadell 998 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below) 1041 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below)
Frauenthal Blessed Virgin Mary 994 (circa)
Seeon S. Lambert Oberbayern 994 1803
Heiningen S. Mary, S. Peter and S. Paul 993-1002 (circa) 1810
S. Maria e S. Nicola in Acqua Salvia Virgin Mary / Nicholas LZ 992 1000 (circa -- needs verification)
Thorn 10F 992
S. Anastasia (Anastasio?) S. Anastasia, martyr Piedmont 991 (May 4)
Nimes 6I 991
S. Caterina Marche 990
Ascoli-Piceno, "Cella femminile" Marche 990
S. Maria Delle Grazie Piedmont 989 or earlier
S. Pietro Puellarm Piedmont 988 or earlier 1570 (April 14) -- see
Wherwell Holy Cross and S. Peter Hampshire 986 1539
Metz (S. Marie) 6K 985 (circa)
Gerbstedt 985 (circa)
Melk S. Peter; S. Paul; S. Colomann Lower Austria 985 1300 circa (women)
la Chana 6U 984 (circa)
Epinal 6K 983 (circa)
Mittelmünster S. Paul 983 1588
Petershausen S. Gregory the Great Baden 983 1802
S. Nazzaro dei Burgondi Piedmont 982 or earlier (see "Early Documents," below) 1600 or earlier
Walsrode S. John the Baptist 980 (circa) still extant
Amesbury, Double Monastery S. Mary and S. Meilor Wiltshire 979 1177 refounded as part of the order of Fontevrault; 1186 nuns installed; final dissolution 1539.
Bergen S. Cross 976 1552
Altdorf S. Gregory (974); S. Bartholomew (974); S. Michael (974); S. Cyriacus (1052) 974 (circa) 1251
S. Marien (S. Mary's) S. Mary (the convent also had altars to S. Pantaleon, Anna, and Thomas) 973 (939, according to Kramer) 1570, October 1
le Bugue 6A 970-1000 (circa)
Reading 2B 970 (circa); Refounded in 1121 for Benedictine monks. 1066-1086, possibly as early as 1006
Aubeterre 6C 970 (circa). Refounded: circa 1150 .
Poitiers (S. Trinite) 6R 970 (circa)
Toul (S. Gengoul) 6K 970 (circa) 1059 or earlier
Bonneval-les-Thouars 6R 969-975
S. Stephan S. Stephan 969 1802-3
Exeter Peter Devonshire 968 or later 1050 (circa)