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Title Dedication Region Date Foundedsort descending Date Terminated
S. Agostino (?) Marche
S. Concezione Tuscany
Name Unknown Tuscany
S. Pietro Martire Piedmont 1802 (August 16)
S. Benedetto Piedmont
Temple Cashel Kerry
S. Giovanni de Uticasso Saint John Tuscany
Fochloth Mayo
S. Gesu Jesus, Joseph & Saint Mary Tuscany
S. Maria Maddalena delle Convertite Emilia-Romagna 1442
S. Pietro di Valle Rasina
S. Michel Arcangelo Marche Still extant.
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany
S. Maria Maddelena Calsati Saint Mary Magdelene Tuscany
Gare Buckinghamshire
S. Marino and S. Leo Piedmont
S. Maria Vecchia Piedmont 1577: Bishop Ippolito Rossi wanted to enlarge the episcopal palace, so he supressed the house and transferred the nuns, along with the body of S. Onora, to S. Maria delle Caccie.
S. Maria di Liviano 1411 -- by this date, all the nuns had died, and the community was re-incorporated into S. Pietro
Dún-dá-én Antrim
Swingfield Kent 1180 circa
Tech na n-Ingen Galway / Roscommon: Archdall 622
Cadeby, female (needs verification) Lincolnshire
S. Caterina di Cento Emilia-Romagna 1796
S. Maria del Principe Apulia
Domnach-ceirne Mayo (uncertain) / Meath (uncertain)
S. Sperandia Marche Still extant in 19th c.
S. Vito Saint Vitus Tuscany
S. Francesco a Guadato Saint Francis Tuscany
S. Maria di Ravone Emilia-Romagna 1332
Zelle in der Komödienstrasse
Camach Brigde Roscommon
S. Mauro Marche Still extant.
S. Maria in Josephat Piedmont
S. Spirito di Arezzo Holy Spirit Tuscany
Cell Richille Galway
S. Caterina di Scai Scai (needs verification) , just above present site of the Suore Ben di Carita Umbria
S. Chiara Saint Clare Tuscany
Montisoni Tuscany 1322
S. Maria di Cortona Saint Mary Tuscany 1258
S. Chiara
S. Caterina di Strada San Donato Emilia-Romagna 1468
S. Maria Maddalena
S. Spirito Holy Spirit Marche
S. Trinità Holy Trinity Tuscany
S. Maria di Nazareth della Vezza Emilia-Romagna ca. 1300
Santissima Trinità Puellarum Apulia