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Title Dedicationsort descending Region Date Founded Date Terminated
Pillenreuth 1300-1399 (fourteenth century)
S. Godeberte 655
Carlisle 2F 685; Refounded: circa 1125 refoundation for Augustinian canons. 800-899 (9th century) -- Destroyed
S. Pere de Burgal Catalonia 948 (circa) Uncertain. May have ceased to be a female community in 1064, when the monastery was turned over to the authority of Count Ramon of Pallars Jussà. Community was secularized in 1570.
S. Bartolomeo Piedmont 1174 or earlier
S. Angelo in Cryptis Asculanis Marche
Hoydonck 10G 1144
Tusson 6R 1114 (circa)
S. Maria a Troghi Tuscany 1384
Orp Brabant 692 (circa) 799 or earlier?
Marey 6K 1150-1178
S. Colombano Emilia-Romagna 1347
l'Encloitre-en-Gironde 6R 1109 (circa)
Trebnitz 1203 1810
S. Claudio e S. Crociferi 1229 1255 (See
Tutti i Santi
Pfalzel 700 (circa) 1016; refounded as male house
Purissima Concepcio Catalonia 1319 1822
S. Giovanni Evangelista Apulia 1133 still active
S. Maria di Belmonte Piedmont 1325 (see "Incorporated By," below)
S. Marcus Marche 1431 (28 March) or 1432 (June 23) -- Supressed by Pope Eugenius IV
Vernaison 6U 1160 (circa)
la Roquette 6S 1255 (circa)
Ognissanti Tuscany
Netlieu 6I 1195
la Ronze 6J 1279 or earlier
Narbonne 6I 1246 or earlier
S. Maria Maddalena di Valdipietra Emilia-Romagna 1265
Fonts-les-Alais 6I 1201-1225. Refounded: United with the Franciscans of Ales ca. 1360.
Boulancourt 6G 1150 (circa)
Monna Simone 1452 or earlier
Weiher 1198
Gageborough Offaly 1200 or later (needs verification)
S. Bartholomew's, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Northumberland 1086 or earlier; one source gives c. 1135 as a foundation date: possibly a re-foundation? Needs verification. 1540
S. Barbato or S. Benedetto Apulia 1182 or earlier
S. Clara Piedmont 1300 1802, but restored later in the 19th c.
S. Chiara Marche 1323 1514 -- taken away from the Clarisses due to lax morality and given to Florentine nuns. Supressed in 18th c., re-opened in 1830.
Cerisiers 6P 1131 or earlier
S. Loup-de-Loire 6F 940 1107 or earlier
le Parc-aux-Dames 6Q 1205. Refounded: cists 1205.
Guines 6M 1117
S. Maria delle Grazie 1497 or earlier
S. Sadurní de Collsabadell 998 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below) 1041 or earlier (uncertain -- see "foundation information," below)
Zellingen 800 (circa) 900 (circa)
Avigny 6K 1140 (circa) 1200-1299 (13th century)
Fooran Westmeath 1385 or earlier (needs verification) 1560-1600 (needs verification)
Eccles Berkshire 1156 or earlier 1609
Agata in Monte Piedmont 673 1782: the goods of the house were ceded to the civic hospital of S. Matteo. In 1813, the lands were bought by Count Giacomo Fantoni, who formed a public bath with the many rooms.
Convento del Terzo Ordine Marche
Fresnaye 6P 1179 or earlier