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1019 - 1053
Foundation Information

A community existed at Berkeley as early as 804. However the residence of religious women at that site at such an early date remains uncertain. In The chronicle of John of Worcester, Ceolburh, who died in 807, was identified as the abbess of Berkley. John of Worcester's information can be explained away in a number of ways (See Veiled Women,vol. 2, 40-41). Men apparently lived at Berkeley during the last half of the eigth and a part of the nineth centuries. Women were present at Berkeley in the late tenth and early eleventh centuries when Aelfthryth was abbess.

Notable Heads

NULL, abbess of Berkeley, was identified as a benefactor in the Liber vitae: register and martyrology of New Minster and Hyde Abbey, Winchester. She was abbess sometime before 1031.

Secondary Sources

Veiled Women,vol.1, 53, and vol. 2, 39-42;
Berkeley Minster

Miscellaneous Information

The community apparently ended when Godwine' machinations resulted in the expulsion of the nuns. Payments for the support of nuns at Berkley were still claimed by the exchequer as late as the mid-twelfth century. According to Sarah Foot, this does not mean that nuns still resided at Berkley which was held by the Crown at that time (Veiled Women, vol. 2,. 40 and n. 3).

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