Community ID
Alternate Names
Notre Dame de Beaumont
Medieval Location
About 1 kilometer south of the cathedral of Saint Martin, across the river Cher
Modern Location
Remains of the abbey are now part of the Military Service Corps Museum
Corporate Status
Notre Dame
Date Founded
1002 (circa)
Date Terminated
1070-1100? Legend has it there was an early medieval monastery on the site
Rule of Saint Benedict
Foundation Information

Founded and endowed by Herveus, treasurer of the cathedral of Saint Martin of Tours. There may have been an existing community of female religious seeks nearby, but they did not constitute a coenobium, since King Robert the Pious's confirmation charter of 1107 notes the absence of one for women in the pagus of Tours before Herveus founded Beaumont

Population Counts

60 nuns when the community was dissolved in the wake of the French Revolution.

Dependent Communities

Conventual priory of Mennetou-sur-Cher; several local parish churches

Dependency Of

Archbishop and chapter of Saint Martin of Tours. Abbesses were buried there and newly elected superiors received charge of temporalities from the dean of the cathedral, spiritual benediction from the archbishop


King Robert the Pious of France confirmed Herveus's foundation in 1007 and issued another charter to Beaumont in 1022, after the founder's death. Later patrons includes the comital families of Anjou and Poitou, the dukes of Normanday, and regional noble families.

Social Characteristics

Congregation included women from the regional aristocracy and, in the early modern era, nuns of royal blood.

Relative Wealth

Despite early modern complaints about poverty and dependency on the cathedral, this was a large and wealthy nunnery, richly endowed from the start.


Mostly landed wealth from Touraine

Early Documents

King Robert the Pious's two charters are edited in PL 141: 953-955, 966-968

State Of Medieval Structure

Remains of the abbey are now part of the Military Service Corps Museum

Published Primary Sources

Chronique de l'Abbaye de Beaumont-Lez-Tours. There is also supposed to be a cartulary, edited by Fleuret, published at the end of the 19th century, but it is not available in the United States.

Secondary Sources
Bruce L. Venarde
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