Bath, Cathedral Priory
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Bath and West Bath
West Bath
Medieval Location
Kingdom of Murcia
Modern Location
Corporate Status
Date Founded
Date Terminated
758, Before becoming a male community
Foundation Information

The abbey was founded by Osric, nephew of Aethelred, and thought to be the founder of the male monastery at Gloucester. He founded the community for holy virgins. The foundation story needs verification through further research. Foot states that the women's monastery at Bath may also have housed some men (Veiled Women, vol. 1, 55).

Notable Heads

Bertana, Abbess according to the first document, may have been the first and may have been a Frank. Bernguidis, Abbess, and Fuliburga, also referred to as Abbess in the second document. The second abbess, called Beorngyth was an Englishwoman, retained Frankish connections through her debuty, Folcburg.


Benefactors were Osric and Aethelmod. Aethelmod donated land holdings with the consent of King Aethelred, King Mercia, witnessed by archbishop Theodore (d. 690).


The community had land holdings on the river Cherwell given by Aethelond to Abbess, des Danes in 758; later referred to as a male monastery.

Early Documents

[1]The first known document is a copy of the donation of land holding by Osric, dated November 6, 676.
[2]A second document, 681, records the donation of land holding by Arthelmond with permission of Aethelred. ( Further research is necessary to verify the date.)

Architecture & Archaeology
Published Primary Sources

Carta Regis Osrici, A.D. 676, MS. C.C.C.C. num. cxi, printed in the appendix of The History of Bath, 1 and in Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 2, 264.

Miscellaneous Information

Documents 1 & 2 are the only documents. The termination date may refer to the community being transformed into a male monastery. According to Dugdale, the community was destroyed by the Danes in 776. Shortly afterward, King Offa rebuilt the monastery for a community of canons. Edgar in the 970's replaced the canons with Benedictine monks (Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 2, 253).

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