Community ID
Bavaria (Bayern)
Corporate Status
Date Founded
1245 or earlier
Date Terminated
Religious Order
Dominican by 1245
Rule of S. Augustine
Foundation Information

The community developed from a group of approximately twenty Beguines, founded by Williburgis from Elsach (Elsace?), in the Freiburg area. In 1234 they left their parish jurisdiction in order to live a communal life. The Adelhausen women adopted the rule of S. Augustine, following the example of the Strasbourg Dominican nunnery of S. "Marx". Countess Kunigunde von Sulz went to the papal court to ask for official incorporation of the community into the Dominican order. In 1245 the community was incorporated into the Dominican order under pope Innocent IV. Founders and patrons were Williburgis from Elsach, duchess Adelheid von Freiburg and Kunigunde von Sulz.

Notable Members/Residents/Guests

In 1284 two daughters of the margrave Heinrich II von Hackberg, Kunigunde and Elizabeth, became nuns in the community. Anna von Munzingen, author of the sister-book was a member of a respected noble family of Freiburg. She is listed as the sixth prioress and is documented for the years 1316, 1317, and 1327. She completed the Sister-book in 1318.

Population Counts

In 1245 there were seventy women.

Dependent Communities

In 1647 it incoporated S. Agnes and in 1651 Regelhaus zum Laemmlin.


After 1410 the community became lax in its observance and in 1465 a priest, Johannes Meyer, was sent to reform the community.


Duchess Adelheid, wife of duke Egeno, bestowed a building and possessions in the village of Adelhausen to the community. Countess Kunigunde von Sulz contributed her assets to the new community.

Social Characteristics

The house was composed of noble women from Breisgau, Elsace and the Black forest area.

Relative Wealth

The attraction of many women from the high nobility with rich dowries made the convent quite wealthy.


The community held lands.

Literary Works

Adelhausen has a sisterbook, written by the nun Anna von Munzingen.

Art & Artifacts

The Malterer tapestry from this convent combines secular and sacred representations of the power of women.

Architecture & Archaeology

The convent buildings were destroyed in 1281 by the troops of King Rudolph. The city of Freiburg paid the convent 300 Marks silver for damages and Rudolph also contributed 320 Marks for the rebuilding of the convent. In 1282, the buildings were damaged again by fire. There was further damage to the buildings in 1320 and 1410. On December 27, 1632 the convent was burned in the Thirty Years War and was afterwards damaged to the point of being uninhabitable. After the destruction of the convent the nuns had to live in private houses.

Manuscript Sources

[1][F]98, fol. 1r-76r, in the Staatsarchiv of Freiburg
[2][E] cod. 694 (919) Benedictine Stiftsbibliothek in Einsiedeln
[3]A fifteenth century copy of the papal bull confirming the incorporation into the Dominican order is preserved in the Freiburg Staatsarchiv (codex [F] 107).
[4] A cadastral register (codex [F] B 16) for 1327 shows land holdings.

Miscellaneous Information

The Adelhausen community experienced its spiritual height between the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. The community was internally reformed in 1465. Circa 1687 the community combined with the convent of S. Katharina and a new convent was built. The community moved into the new convent on Octorber 12, 1694. The prioress of Adelhausen became subprioress. There were 5 women, 4 sisters and 1 canidate from Adelhausen and 5 women, 3 sisters, and 2 canidates from S. Katherina. The community was damaged again between 1714-1744 in the Austrian succession wars and the buildings were uninhabitable. In 1786 the community united with the women of Klosterleins vom Graben, who had 10 women and 3 laysisters. In the eighteenth century the convent assumed the function of a teaching institute.

Manuscripts Produced

The Chronicle of Anna von Munzingen.

June Mecham
Contributors Notes

The Chronicle of Anna von Muenzingen provides information about the house.
The report of Johannes Meyer also provides information about the community.

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