Abbotsbury (needs verification)
Community ID
St. Peter
Date Founded
1026 or earlier
Date Terminated
According to Dubdale, the male monastery was surrendered in 1539
Religious Order
St. Benedict
Foundation Information

A male Benedictine house was founded through the generosity of Orc, Cnut's steward, and his wife Tola. On Orc's death, Tola retained an interest in the foundation and bequeathed all her goods to the house. Another source reported that a priest and his wife lived at a church on the property (Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 1, 276). In his longer treatment of Abbotsbury, Dugdale makes no mention of resident religious women, Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 3, 52-62). Though dubious according to Foot, M. A. Meyer suggests that religious women may have also been associated with this monastery (Patronage of the West Saxon Royal Nunneries in Late Anglo-Saxon England, 332-358).


Orc, steward of Cnut, and his wife Tola founded the monastery and continued to see to its welfare through their lifetimes.

Published Primary Sources
Miscellaneous Information

In the later Anglo-Saxon period, two religious women, Eadwulfu and Saethryth, had a connection to the male community, probably as vowesses (Veiled Women, vol. 1, 184).

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This entry is listed by Foot as having "no grounds" for being included as a place that housed religious women. Need more evidence for women at Abbotsbury.

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