Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of Christ prepared for burial
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Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
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Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of Christ prepared for burial

This detail from the painted scenes on the ceiling of the nuns' choir in Wienhausen portrays Christ portrayed for burial. Mary stands in the foreground and embraces Christ, while the other figures are grouped around Christ's tomb.

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Historical Context

The nuns' choir at Wienhausen was constructed circa 1330 and painted circa 1335. It is one of the few early Gothic painted interiors to survive. Artistically, the painting shows similarities with the murals in the cathedral at Braunschweig, and the artisans may have come from a workshop in Braunschweig. The paintings may also have been influenced by trends originating in England. Kloster Wienhausen: Die Wandmalereien im Nonnenchor. In 1488 the paintings were restored by three nuns under the direction of the Abbess Susanna Potstock. Restoration work was also done to these paintings in the nineteenth century.

Descriptive Notes

This image from the nuns' choir was replicated in a smaller form in the devotional images produced by the nuns of Wienhausen, such as Wienhausen, Christ prepared for burial (devotional image). These images emphasize an affective devotion between Christ and his female followers, which may have been quite meaningful for the nuns' of Wienhausen. The painting in the nuns' choir emphasizes the close and tender connection between Mary and Christ. Mary is the only figure to stand in front of the sarcophagus and embraces Christ in her arms. This has the effect of emphasizing the importance of Mary in this scene. Kloster Wienhausen: Die Wandmalereien im Nonnenchor. The Jewish men are portrayed in the pointed hats typical of medieval Jews in Germany.

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Praun Kunstverlag, Munich

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of Christ prepared for burial.