Wienhausen, Christ prepared for burial (devotional image)
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
nuns of Wienhausen
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Wienhausen, Christ prepared for burial (devotional image)

This small devotional image depicts Christ prepared for burial in the form of a medallion. Text surrounds the image. One female figure in the foreground embraces the body of Christ, while two others stand in the background. Two male figures wearing hats, perhaps indicating their Jewish faith, surround the figure.

Creation Date
circa 1330
Format Medium

pergament; illumination on pergament

Original Location


Historical Context

This is one of the many small devotional images discovered under the floor boards of the nuns' choir in 1953.

Descriptive Notes

This image, likely produced by a nun of Wienhausen, may recall the convent's almost life-size effigy of Christ prepared for burial. The imagery suggests the close, emotional bond between Christ and Mary, who is portrayed embracing the body in the foreground. The iconography for this image may also have stemmed from the paintings in the nuns' choir, such as Wienhausen, Nun's choir (details of Christ's crucifixion), Wienhausen, Nuns' choir detail of Christ prepared for burial. This image may also reflect the community's observation of the liturgical drama of the deposition of Christ's body on black Friday. See Kloster Wienhausen: Der Fund vom Nonnenchor The hymn surrounding the image reads "O sepulcrum nobile rutilans decore Gemmam tenens celicam vernans in amore Redde thezaurum nobilem ... cernamus in Gloria"

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Photo Credit
Kloster Wienhausen

Abbess Renate von Randow; Wolfgang Brandis

Image of Wienhausen, Christ prepared for burial (devotional image).