Mare de Deu de la Serra, monastery church
Original Country
Catalonia (Catalunya)
Sorting Title
Mare de Deu de la Serra, monastery church
Creation Date
1296 (beginning of construction)
Style Genre
Original Location

Montblanc, Spain

Historical Context

Traditionally, the community was founded in 1296 by a Greek princess named Irene Lascaris, who may have been related by marriage to the house of the Counts of Pallars. Although some Gothic architectural elements are still visible, especially in the interior, the exterior has been much altered, and contains elements from several different periods.

Descriptive Notes

Single-nave church. Original construction included the monastery, the sanctuary, a presbytery (since replaced), the caretaker's house. A "Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre," the choir, and the niche for the image of the Virgin were added later.

Current Repository

Montblanc, Spain

Photo Credit
Marie Kelleher
Image of Mare de Deu de la Serra, monastery church.