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Title Centurysort descending Community Work Type
[No Title] 13th Inis Medhon
Wienhausen, Madonna with Christ child 13th
[No Title] 13th S. Maria di Chiaravalle
Wienhausen, seal of the abbess 13th repertory
[No Title] 13th Inis Medhon
[No Title] 13th Inis Medhon
La Sainte Abbaye, f. 6v 13th dissertation/thesis
La Sainte Abbaye, f. 52v 13th dissertation/thesis
[No Title] 13th Inis Medhon
Stamp of Heynings Priory 13th Heynings
La Sainte Abbaye, f. 29v 13th dissertation/thesis
Cell Eóin, exterior 13th Cell Eóin
Stamp of Ely Priory 13th Ely
La Sainte Abbaye, f. 1v 13th dissertation/thesis
Stamp of Elstow Nunnery 13th Elstow
Stamp of Chester Abbey 13th
Stamp of Chester Abbey 13th Chester (Early Foundation)
Stamp of Flixton Priory 13th Flixton
Wienhausen, Christ enthroned in mandorla 13th
Crocifisso portatile 13th article or essay
[No Title] 13th Beata Antonia
Stamp of Barking Abbey 13th Barking
[No Title] 13th Beata Antonia
Stamp of Grace-Dieu Priory 13th Grace Dieu
[No Title] 13th Beata Antonia
Stamp of Ely Priory 13th Ely
Nonnberg Convent, South Portal, tympanum 13th
Wienhausen, All Saints Chapel (stained glass) 13th series
Crucifixion 13th S. Chiara article or essay
[No Title] 13th Beata Antonia
Stamp of Ely Priory 13th Ely
Wienhausen, Arisen Christ (statue) 13th
S. Chiara e S. Francesco 13th article or essay
Wienhausen, Agnes of Landsberg 13th
Wienhausen, Effigy of Christ 13th, 15th
Rothschild Canticles (f. 1r): Coat of arms 14th dissertation/thesis
Caterina da Siena, Vanna and Daniela da Orvito, Giovanna da Orvieto, Giovanna da Firenze e Margherita da Citta’ di Castello 14th article or essay
Rothschild Canticles (f. 73r): Coronation of the Sponsa; winter and spring 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 190r): Paraphrase of Pseudo-Dionysius, De mystica theologica 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, western range (south facade) 14th
Scenes from the life of S.Clare of Montefalco and S.Catherine 14th S. Chiara manuscript
Wienhausen, Veronica 14th
Coronation of the Virgin with Attendant Saints 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 66r): The connubium spirituale 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 98r): Trinity 14th dissertation/thesis
Wienhausen, exterior view of nuns' choir 14th
S.Clare of Montefalco Receiving the Cross 14th S. Chiara manuscript
Wienhausen, Tristan embroidery 14th website
Rothschild Canticles (f. 21r): Christ instructing the Sponsa; the embrace of Christ and Wisdom 14th dissertation/thesis
Rothschild Canticles (f. 96r): Trinity 14th dissertation/thesis