Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Sorting Title
Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging, Zone 1-2, detail

Each scene is enclosed in a quatrefoil with floral, foliate, and geometric decorations around.
Scenes from left to right:
Zone 1: Two shields; Adrian of Nicodemia, sword in left hand; Eustace of Rome, object in left hand; George of Cappadoccia wearing helmet, holding cross-inscribed shield and sword; Maurice of Agaunum, sword in left hand; Acacius of Sebaste and Denis of Paris, swords in right hands; and Vincent of Saragossa (partially cut off).
All figures except George are nimbed, holding scrolls with their names inscribed, and surrounded by four trees surmounted by pelicans and eagles.
Zone 2: Scene 1: Aaron with a blossoming rod in his right hand stands beside eleven rods and below a scroll inscribed VIRGA AARON FLORUIT. To his right, Gideon stands with his right hand raised, a fleece at his feet, and a scroll above hime inscribed VELLUS IEDEONIS.
Scene 2: Annunciation - A nimbed Gabriel, holding a scroll inscribed with Luke 1:28, stands before the Virgin Mary, nimbed, right hand raised, and holding scroll inscribed with Luke 1:38 in her left hand. The dove of the Holy Ghost descends toward her head, and a vase of flowers stands between the Virgin Mary and Gabriel.
Scene 3: To the left is Ezekiel before the Porta Clausa. Ezekiel is nimbed and his hands are raised towards the gate. Above his head is a scroll inscribed PORTA EZECHYEUS. To the right, is Moses before the Burning Bush. His hands are raised and he kneels before the half figure of God in the bush. God's right hand indicates a scroll inscribed RUBUS MOYSE.
Scene 4: Nativity - On the left, the Virgin Mary reclines on a couch and embraces the Christ Child, who is cross-nimbed. On the right, Joseph is seated on a bench, wearing a hat, his right hand raised, and a tau-staff in his left. The crib is in the center, behind it are an ox and ass, and above is a star.

Creation Date
Style Genre
Work Type
h. 154cm, w. 156cm
Format Medium

linen, weaving and embroidery

Descriptive Notes

One of two fragments from a hanging; second part formerly in Brakel, Church.

Current Repository

New York: Metropolitan Museum, Cloisters

Repository Number
Image Source
Index of Christian Art
Photo Repo Number
80 N56 MMetCl H2,1 A-B 026050
Lisa Tom
Image of Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging.