Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging
Original Country
Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
Sorting Title
Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging, zone 4-5

Description: Each scene is enclosed in a quatrefoil with floral, foliate, and geometric decorations around.
Scenes from left to right:
Zone 4: Scene 1: Moses receiving Law - The Hand of God emerges from a cloud, indicating the Tables of Law held by Moses, who is flanked by five Israelites, kneeling and wearing hats. The two scrolls are inscribed HIC DATUR LEX MOYSI and POPULUS ISRAHELTICUS.
Scene 2: Pentecost - The Dove of the Holy Ghost descends from a cloud toward the Virgin Mary, who is veiled with her joined hands raised, and by six apostles, all nimbed. Hovering above is a scroll inscribed HIC MITTITUR SPIRITUS SANCTUS.
Scene 3: Miracle of Manna - Moses is shown with his right hand raised, and a rod in his left, smiting a rock. A hovering scroll is inscribed MOYSE PERCUSSIT PETRAM FLUXERANT AQUE. To the right, the Hand of God issuing from cloud indicates a scroll inscribed HIC DATUR MANNA PATRIBUS hovering above three Israelites wearing hats and gathering manna.
Scene 4: Gregory the Great celebrating Mass -- Gregory is shown wearing a bishop's miter and holding a cross-inscribed wafer from which the cross-nimbed Christ Child emerges before a draped altar on which are a chalice and two candles. To the left, he is accompanied by two acolytes, one wearing hat, the other holding candle. Above, floats a scroll inscribed HIC DATUR CRISTUS FIDELIBUS.
Zone 5: From left to right are wwo shields; Dominic of Bologna with right hand extended and Francis of Assisi baring the stigmata, both nimbed, tonsured, and wearing a monk's habit; Benedict of Montecassino and Anthony Abbot the Great, each nimbed and wearing abbot's miter and habit; Epiphanius of Pavia, nimbed, wearing a bishop's miter, and holding a crozier in his right hand; Giles of Provence, nimbed, wearing an abbot's miter, holding a crozier in his right hand, and standing before a doe; Bernward of Hildesheim, wearing bishop's miter and holding a model of the church in his left hand; Godehardus of Hildesheim, wearing a bishop's miter; and a bishop saint, wearing miter (partially cut off). All except the last holding or accompanied by scrolls with names inscribed. Four trees surmounted by pelicans and phoenixes.

Creation Date
Style Genre
Work Type
h. 154cm, w. 156cm
Format Medium

linen, weaving and embroidery

Descriptive Notes

One of two fragments from a hanging; second part formerly in Brakel, Church.

Current Repository

New York: Metropolitan Museum, Cloisters

Repository Number
Image Source
Index of Christian Art
Photo Repo Number
80 N56 MMetCl H2,1 D-E 026052
Lisa Tom
Image of Brakel and New York Cloisters Hanging.