[Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 2]


Evesham Abbey, in Worcestershire, p. 1.

Shepey Monastery, Le Minstre, in Shepey, Kent, p.50.

Selaeseu, or Selsey Monastery, in Sussex, p. 52.

Tewkesbury Monastery, in Gloucestershire, p. 53.

Wimburn, or Winburn Monastery, in Dorsetshire, p. 88.

Croyland Monastery, in Lincolnshire, p. 90.

Monastery of St. John of Beverley, in Yorkshire, p. 125.

Ripon, or Rippon Monastery, in Yorkshire, p. 131.

St. Frideswide's Monastery, now Christ Church Oxford, p. 134.

Monastery of East Dereham, in Norfolk, p. 176.

Abbey of St. Alban, in Hertfordshire, p. 178.

Benedictine Abbey and Cathedral of Bath, in Somersetshire, p. 256.

Cathedral of Wells, in Somersetshire, p. 274.

Winchcombe Abbey, in Gloucestershire, p. 297.

Benedictine Nunnery of Wilton, formerly Ellandune, in Wiltshire, p. 315.

Monastery of Amesbury, in Wiltshire, p. 333.

Benedictine Monastery of Middleton, or Milton Abbats, in Borsetshire, p. 344.

Michelney Abbey, in Somersetshire, p. 355.

Benedictine Nunnery of Pollesworth, in Warwickshire, p. 362.

Benedictine Abbey of St. Wereburgh, since made the Cathedral of Chester, p. 370.

Athelney Monastery, in Somersetshire, p. 402.

Pershore, or Persore Monastery, in Worcestershire, p.410.

Monastery of Hyde, in Hampshire, p.427.

Monastery of Nuns at Winchester, p. 451.

Bodmin Priory, in Cornwall, p. 459.

St. German's Priory, in Cornwall, p. 467.

Nunnery of Shaftesbury, in Dorsetshire, p.471.

Tavistock, or Tavystoke Monastery, in Devonshire, p. 489.

Rumsey Nunnery, in Hampshire, p. 506.

Monastery or Horton, in Dorsetshire, p. 511.

Benedictine Monastery and Cathedral of Exeter, in Devonshire, p. 513.

Benedictine Abbey of Ramsey, in Huntingdonshire, p. 546.

Thorney Abbey, anciently called Ancarig, in Cambridgeshire, p. 593.

Chateriz, or Chateris Nunnery, in Cambridgshire, p. 614.

Cerne, or Cernell Abbey, in Dorsetshire, p. 621.

Cell of St. Ive, in Huntingdonshire, p. 631.

Wherwell Nunnery, in Hampshire, p. 634.

Seals of the Monasteries