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Priory of Eye, in Suffolk
Priory of Ewyas, in Herefordshire, a Cell to the Abbey of St. Peter Gloucester
Priory of Ewenny, Wenny, or Gwenny, in Glamorganshire
Priory of Dudley, in Worcestershire
Priory of Depyng, in Lincolnshire, a Cell to Thorney Abbey
Priory of Deerhurst, in Gloucestershire
Priory of Daventre, in Northamptonshire
Priory of Clifford, in Herefordshire
Priory of Cardiff, in Glamorganshire
Priory of Cadweli, Cadwelle, or Kidwelly, in Caermarthenshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Sherbourne
Priory of Bromfield, in Shropshire
Priory of Brecon, or Brecknock, in Wales, a Cell to Battle Abbey
Priory of Bradwell, in Buckinghamshire
Priory of Boxgrave, in Sussex
Priory of Blythe, in Nottinghamshire
Priory of Birkenhead, in Cheshire: called also Birkenhedde, Bircheved, Byrkett, and Birkey-Wood
Priory of Bermondsey, in Surrey, afterwards erected into an Abbey
Priory of Bergavenny, or Abergavenny, in Monmouthshire
Priory of Belvoir, in Lincolnshire, a Cell to St. Alban's Abbey
Priory of Basselech, or Basele, in Monmouthshire
Priory of Barnstaple, in Devonshire
Priory of Aldeby, in Norfolk
Pope Joan
Pipewell Abbey, in Northamptonshire
Pilton Priory, in Devonshire, a Cell to the Abbey of Malmesbury
Pilla, or Pille Priory, in Pembrokeshire
Pflege und Medizin in mittelalterlichen Frauenkonventen
Peterborough Monastery, in Northamptonshire
Pembroke, or Monketon, in Pembrokeshire
Open Monasteries: Two Roman Examples in
On the Excavation of the Site of Carrow Abbey Norwich
Nunney of Canyngton, in Somersetshire
Nunnery of Wykes, in Essex
Nunnery of Wilberfosse, in Yorkshire
Nunnery of Thetford, in Norfolk
Nunnery of Swafham, or Spham Bulbeck, in Cambridgeshire
Nunnery of Stratford at Bow, otherwise called St. Leonard Bromley, in Middlesex
Nunnery of St. Sepulchre at Canterbury
Nunnery of St. Radegund, at Cambridge
Nunnery of St. Mary Magdalen at Bristol
Nunnery of St. Helen, London
Nunnery of St. Bartholomew at Newcastle upon Tyne
Nunnery of Sopwell, or Sopewell, in Hertfordshire
Nunnery of Seton, otherwise Lekelay, in Cumberland
Nunnery of Rusper, or Rupperar, in Sussex
Nunnery of Polleshoo, or Polslo, in Devonshire
Nunnery of Pinley, or Pynelegh, in Warwickshire
Nunnery of of Grimseby, in Lincolnshire
Nunnery of Nun-Appleton, in Yorkshire
Nunnery of Molesby, or Molseby, in Yorkshire