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Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 4
Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 3
Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 2
Table of Contents for Dugdale Volume 1
Syncletica of Palestine: A Sixth-Century Female Anchorite
Syncletica and Macrina: Two Early Lives of Women Saints
Swine, Swinhey, or Swina Abbey, in Yorkshire
Sutton in Holderness
Stykeswold, or Styxwould Nunnery, in Lincolnshire
Strata Florida, or Stratfleur Abbey, in Cardiganshire
Strat Margel Abbey, in Montgomeryshire
Stoneley Priory, in Warwickshire
Stodely, or Studley Nunnery, in Oxfordshire
Stanley Abbey, in Wiltshire
Stanfeld, Stynesfeld, or Steinfield Nunnery, in Lincolnshire
St. Mildred's Monastery, in the Isle of Thanet, in Kent
St. Clements, or Clementhorpe Nunnery, at York
St. Brigit of Ireland
St. Bernard's College of Cistercians, in Oxford
Some Questions Regarding the Beguines and Devotional Art
Sibton Abbey, in Suffolk
Shepey Monastery, Le Minstre, in Shepey, Kent
Sexual Equality and the Cult of Virginity in Early Christian Thought
Sewardesley Nunnery, in Northamptonshire
Selby Abbey, in Yorkshire
Selaeseu, or Selsey Monastery, in Sussex
Scilly, in the Isle of Trescaw, in Cornwall, a Cell to the Abbey of Tavisock
Scholarship in Women’s Communities, from Suzanne Wemple's Women in Frankish Society .
Scholarship in Women's Communities
Sancia d'Aragona-Majorca: Da regina di Sicilia e Gerusalemme a monaca di Santa Croce
Sancia d'Aragona-Maiorca tra impegno di governo e "attivismo" francescano
Saltrey, or Sawtrey Abbey, in Huntingdonshire
Sallay, De Monte S. Andreae, or Sawley Abbey, in Yorkshire
Russin or Ryshen Abbey, in the Isle of Man
Rufford Abbey, in Nottinghamshire
Rowheiny, or Rowney Nunnery, in Hertfordshire
Rosedale, or Russedale Nunnery, in Yorkshire
Rochester Cathedral and Monastery of Benedictines, in Kent
Ripon, or Rippon Monastery, in Yorkshire
Rievall, River, or Rivaulx Abbey, in Yorkshire
Revesby Abbey, in Lincolnshire
Reculver Monastery, in Kent
Ramsey, Benedictine abbey of, in Huntingdonshire
Priory of Wenlock, in Shropshire
Priory of Wangford, otherwise called Reydon St. Peter's, in Suffolk
Priory of Walton St. Felix, Filchestow, Felixstow, or Tylstow, in Sussex
Priory of Wallingford, in Berkshire, a Cell to St. Alban's Abbey
Priory of Usk, or Cairusk, in Monmouthshire