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Brigit of Kildare, Golden Sparkling Flame: A Study in the Liminality of Women's Spiritual Power
Bromholm Priory, in Norfolk
Brunham, or Nun Burnham Priory, in Yorkshire
Buckfastleigh, or Buckfastre Abbey, in Devonshire
Buckland Abbey, in Devonshire
Caerleon, or Caeruske Abbey, in Monmouthshire
Calder Abbey, in Cumberland
Canwell, or Canoll Priory, in Staffordshire
Careswell or Kerswyll Priory, in Devonshire
Castleacre or Estacre Priory, in Norfolk
Cathedral and Benedictine Priory of Coventry, in Warwickshire
Cathedral and Benedictine Priory of Worcester
Cathedral of Wells, in Somersetshire
Cathedral Priory of Norwich
Catherine of Siena and the Eschatology of Suffering
Cell of Dunster, in Somersetshire
Cell of Farne Island, in Northumberland
Cell of Lammana, in Cornwall
Cell of Oxney, in Northamptonshire
Cell of Redburne, in Hertfordshire
Cell Of St. Syriac or St. Karroc, in Cornwall
Cell of Warkworth, in Northumberland
Chapter 8. Scholarship in Women’s Communities
Chapters IV, VI, VII and IX; Appendix of Women under Monasticism
Cheshunt Nunnery, in Hertfordshire
Christ-Church, or Holy Trinity Cathedral and Monastery of Benedictines in Canterbury
Christ-Church, or Holy Trinity Cathedral and Monastery of Benedictines in Canterbury, p. 81-119.
Christine of Saint-Trond's Preaching Apostolate: Thomas of Cantimpré's Hagiographical Method Revisited
Cistercian Architecture on the Iberian Peninsula
Cistercian Cell of Bleatarn, in Westmoreland
Cistercian Cell of Horewelle, near Coventry, in Warwickshire
Cistercian Nunnery of Sinningthwaite, in Yorkshire
Codenham Nunnery, in Yorkshire
Colne, Colum, Colun, or Earles Colne Priory, in Essex
Combe Abbey, in Warwickshire
Converà ti que aptengas la flor : profili di sovrani angioini, da Carlo I a Renato (1266 - 1442)
Conway, or Aberconway Abbey, in Caernarvonshire
Crokesden, or Croxden Abbey, in Staffordshire
Croyland Monastery, in Lincolnshire
Davington, or Daunton Nunnery, in Kent
De Valle Crucis Abbey, in Denbighshire
Den aflaet der heiliger stat Jherusalem ende des berchs van Calvarien. Indulgenced Prayers for Mental Holy Land Pilgrimage in Manuscripts from the St. Agnes Convent in Maaseik
Destroyed Monastery of Peykirk, in Northhamptonshire
Devote vrouwen tijdens de tweede religieuze vrouwenbeweging in de laatmiddeleeuwse Noordelijke Nederlanden
Devotional Psalters and the Study of Beguine Spirituality
Dowries, Private Income, and Anniversary Masses: The nuns of Saint-Antoine-des-Champs (Paris)
Dugdale Volume 6-1 table of contents
Dugdale's Monasticon, Volume 1. Glastonbury Monastery, in Somersetshire, p. 1- 79.
Dugdale, William, Sir. Abbey of Aberbrothic in Dugdale's Monasticon Vol. 6 Part 2 Dugdale, William, Sir Vol. 6: 1150-52.
Dugdale, William, Sir. Abbey of Alnewick, in Northumberland in Dugdale's Monasticon Volume 6 Part 2 Dugdale, William, Sir Vol. 6: 867-68.