Africa, Dorothy. Life of Saint Ita

[Life of Saint Ita]
As edited by Charles Plummer in , vol. 2, 116-130. Originally published in 1910, reissued by Four Courts Press, Dublin, 1997. Plummer took the Latin text from MS Z3.1.5 (formerly V.3.4), from Primate Marsh's Library in Dublin (with variations cited from Bodleian Ms Rawlinson B. 505. See Richard Sharpe, Medieval Irish Saints’ Lives, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1991: 247-265.) The following translation is deliberately kept as close to the Latin text as given by Plummer as possible. The punctuation, with some small modifications,is also Plummer's. Footnotes to his text are not cited except for the identification of the two Biblical citations in the Life. In those cases where the English translation is somewhat arbitrary, or a guess, the original Latin is provided in parentheses. In some cases when an individual is known, but not identified in the text, usually a saint,further identification is given in square brackets, usually a location. The Latin of this text is quite awkward, which frequently obscures the meaning. In sections 20 and 27 there are evident problems of textual transmission or copying errors. In the final sentence of the life the syntax is especially tortured, with lesser instances throughout. In many cases the antecedent for a pronoun, or pronouns, is missing or there are several possible choices. It is hoped that the literal translation will alert the reader to these instances. This translation was done as a working text to assist in research and should not be regarded as definitive in any way. The manuscript was not consulted either in the original, on film, or in reproduction.