Petroff, Elizabeth A.. The Life of the Blessed Gherardesca of Pisa in Vox Benedictina: A Journal of Translations from Monastic Sources 9.2 (1992): 227-285

[The Life of the Blessed Gherardesca of Pisa]
A translation by Elizabeth A. Petroff of the biography of Gherardesca of Pisa. The subject of this biography was a 13th century Pisan mystic who entered religious life voluntarily. The text is written apparently by her confessor, who was one of the few monks who was not hostile to her. Reprinted from Consolation of the Blessed (New York: Alta Gaia, 1979), pp. 85-120, with commentary pp. 20, 42, 49, 57; translated from AA.SS 29 May, “Vita de B. Gerardesca Pisana, Camaldulensis tertiaria. By permission of Peregrina Publishers. Please abide by the laws of copyright and Fair Use.