Jerome, Saint. [Letter to Paula, 384 (2)] in Sancti Eusebii Hieronymi Epistulae ep. 39

[Letter from Saint Jerome to Paula]
This letter was occasioned by the death at twenty of Paula's daughter, Blesilla, a young widow who had converted only a few months before from a life of pleasure and wealth to an extremely ascetic life. Jerome tries to stem Paula's grief first by sharing it, then by reproaching it. Though his lesson may be harsh, he is clearly worried that her grief will kill her. Most of the letter is directed to Paula's grief, but at the beginning and the end, Jerome commends Blesilla's holiness and her knowledge of languages, and promises to keep her name alive in his writings. Blesilla had asked Jerome to translate Origen's homilies on the gospels for her, and to do a commentary on Ecclesiastes, which he completed for Paula and Eustochium (CCSL 72).
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