Jerome, Saint. [Letter to Eustochium, 410-414] in Commentariorum in Hiezechielem libri XIV 3-4, 54, 91, 136, 185, 224, 277-78, 333-34, 385, 434, 480, 549, 605-06, 676

[Letter from Saint Jerome to Eustochium]
Jerome writes the commentary on Ezekiel which he had originally promised to her and her mother Paula and which Eustochium has pressed him to do. He has been deeply distressed and distracted by the deaths of close friends and the fall of Rome, as he will be later by the flood of impoverished refugees. But he finally takes up the work and keeps coming back to it, again addressing Eustochium directly, as he had in the commentary on Isaiah, in prologues to each of the fourteen books, and she gets him to write even about things he is hesitant to discuss.
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