Jerome, Saint. [Letter to Eustochium, 404] in Sancti Eusebii Hieronymi Epistulae ep.108

[Letter from Saint Jerome to Eustochium]
Eustochium's mother, Paula, died in 404, almost twenty years after she had followed Jerome to the Holy Land and founded a house there. Her death was a great loss to Jerome, who commemorates her life for the world in this letter addressed to her daughter, but intended to be a public eulogy, perhaps a model to be emulated, a kind of saint's life. Since Eustochium was with her until she died, it may also serve as a life of Eustochium. Jerome traces not only the life of Paula, but also her pilgrimage through the holy places of the middle east, and quotes her opinions and teachings at some length.
Online in two parts at Epistolae: 1-15 and 16-34 (See also Bibliographia record).