Clare of Assisi, Saint. [Letter to Agnes of Prague, 1238] in Clare's letters to Agnes : texts and sources 73-87

[Letter from Saint Clare of Assisi to Agnes of Prague]
Clare's third letter to Agnes of Prague, in which Clare exhorts Agnes to contemplate the glory of God; a glory that she already possesses because of her uncompromising and faithful embrace of the Poor Christ. Because fasting is not poverty, "the one thing necessary," Clare encourages Agnes to rejoice that she now possesses the Privilege of Poverty and to practice eschatological living. Towards the end of her letter, Clare responds to Agnes's questions, passing on the instructions concerning fasting given to her and her sisters by Saint Francis himself. Clare also begs Agnes to undertake her fasting disciplines with discretion. The cold and damp conditions of the Bohemian climate and the unavailability of Italian "fasting foods" will require prudent adjustments.
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